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that comes from the mouth of God. It is incumbent upon the metaphysician, his moral duty, to be God’s mouth-piece and to offer heavenly manna to humanity. Manna may be sweet in the mouth but bitter in the stomach–or contrawise; nevertheless, people must be awakened and made aware of their higher destiny which goes beyond the bounds of the physical plane. Life here is precious and it should not be wasted. The opportunities it provides for the evolving soul are incalculable.

A philosophy of life based on eternal values is a priceless gift that any person may give to the aching heart. Even a single law of Truth may transform a negative expression when applied in a sincere manner. This may start a chain-reaction in which a single act of kindness executed in one’s field of awareness may eventually save a person in dire distress, a person living at the opposite end of the globe, and beyond one’s conscious knowing. If “evil” has the power to destroy, love has even more power to construct and save. A spiritual, metaphysical education is as essential as an academic one. A balanced educational system in which the spiritual side of man is developed in conjunction with the intellect creates a harmonious growth of man’s innate divinity. In psychological terms, this is the unification and usage of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and is the foundation of our modern accelerated learning methods.


In this paper we have put forth our two themes concerning the Absolute Reality of man’s nature and the conventional, relative reality that man consciously or unconsciously create in his everyday life. We have also dealt with the many Laws and principles related to these two forms of

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