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When using the online Tarot reader it is essential for the seeker (the one having the reading) to concentrate and choose his/her own cards by using the mouse, in order to have an accurate reading.

  • Clear your mind and focus on the cards placed face down.
  • Zocus on the directions for that particular reading.
  • Pick the card that catches your attention.
  • Your subconscious will guide you.
  • If you put no effort into picking the cards your reading will reflect your effort.
  • The cards are an extension of your subconscious and like dreams will reveal your past, present and future.
  • This is a real tarot reading where you pick the cards not the computer.
  • Every possible card combination has been programmed for clarity and accuracy.

The Celtic Cross

Card 1: Present influences
Card 2: Present events that will affect the person
Card 3: Past events that will affect the person
Card 4: Past or passing influences
Card 5: Future events
Card 6: Future influences
Card 7: Environment (home, friends, work, etc.)
Card 8: Strength of the person
Card 9: Hopes and fears of the person
Card 10: Final outcome (ties all cards together)

Celtic Cross Tarot reading

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