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The Awareness of Metaphysical Laws and Principles Part 5


Humanity as a whole is experiencing a cosmic slumber in which the Real is forsaken and the dream of Maya, of illusions, delusions and glamors perpetuated. In this prolonged dream human beings suffer, they experience pain and disease, they grow old, decay, and eventually pass through transition–a meaningless life if viewed from a materialistic perspective. Even the lighter side of this dream with its varied pleasures is incapable of consoling the weary soul who has tasted most of what the materialistic life has to offer. Human beings in general, are angry and confused, their sense of identity being displaced. Not knowing the purpose of life they indulge in sensuous entertainments that degrade and retrogresses the soul. Unaware of the object of their spiritual existence and the nature of their being, they run away from physical reality with its harshful but needful disciplines and resort to forms of escapism such as seeking solace in pills, in alcohol, or in self-termination. Not realizing the Comforter within, they seek answers without from psychics, fortune tellers, and mediums, and so-called Gurus–the ubiquitous “father-mother” figures.

With all the mental and emotional confusion, religion, science, and a materialistic philosophy fail to provide adequate answers that would give a proper meaning to the word “life” to the suffering soul. How then does one find a way out of the darkness? By returning to basic principles which lies at the foundation of a spiritual way of life, an the understanding of those laws which brought the universe into being. One should harmonize one’s way of life with Cosmic Laws and not violate them. Probing the nature and purpose of those Laws and

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