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principles one senses the import of God’s Plan of evolution. Living in accord with that Plan leads to a purposeful and meaningful life. Studying the ontological life of man and the universe cannot help but upgrade the quality of man’s philosophy and attitude towards life, and when daily applied, yield positive results in soul-growth. The transformation of society begins with the enlightened living of an individual. All of the problems in society may be traced to lethargic individuals who procrastinates in maturing spiritually. The metaphysician, as a preceptor of spiritual values, should, therefore, strive to reach and teach those individuals comprising society the laws and principles of harmony, abundance, and creativity ere an enlightened standard of life is to be seen on a social scale. The Laws and principles dealt with briefly in this paper are helpful in aiding metaphysicians to stimulate individuals with the qualities of inertia and excessive inharmonious motion (misapplied energy) as related to their spiritual evolution. Perhaps the two most important laws that we did not discuss heretofore but are essential in improving one’s understanding of life are the laws of reincarnation and karma. The expositions of these laws are to be found in various literature relating to the spiritual side of life.

All of the Laws and principles that we have discussed and those that have not been dealt with but are o be found in spiritual literature should be infused in individuals of all strata of society. Our modern methods of communication, and the various media make it feasible for the modern metaphysician to reach out to hundreds of individuals at a given moment. It is said that a person does not live on bread alone, but by every word

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