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reality and how they may be applied in the metaphysical field. We have noted, for instance, how a metaphysical awareness of another’s divine identity raises and stimulates that person’s consciousness. In the section on healing, we have seen the importance of clearing the causes of inharmony within the body as well as the symptoms; we have likewise shown how the psychosomatic principles of man may be healed by the many exoteric and esoteric methods, and of the usage of world-scriptures as a medium for conveying the eternal, metaphysical truths, and the mystical interpretation thereof has likewise been dealt in a succinct manner.

We have also looked at the higher, spiritual principles of man ruling instincts, and how they apply to a greater philosophy of life. Furthermore, we have discussed how the various Laws and principles may assist in man’s spiritual unfoldment, and ultimately, the transformation of society. From the above, we may conclude how an awareness and understanding of the many principles and laws of life are important for the metaphysician to apprehend, and how the conveyance to the masses of God’s Plan for man’s soul-evolution may be consummated.

Knowing the importance of Divine Laws and principles that aid soul-evolution–we suggest that further research and investigation be made in this field through meditation and contemplation; and through the study of traditional, spiritual wisdom of every past and present culture and civilization. The more we know about ourselves, and the universe that we live in, the more we will live in accord with the grand design of the Universal Mind. It would be helpful for metaphysicians to compile an encyclopedia of Cosmic Laws and principles with examples of their

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