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Your Personal Stimulus #8: How To Make Money Online and Work from Home

Stories of people looking for real solutions to making their dreams come true

Everybody has a dream whether it’s traveling the world, spending more time with family and friends, helping loved ones recover their health, or supporting organizations whose work you value. We all have them. The question of why some people realize theirs is what we’re looking at in these interviews. When you read the accounts of other people looking for freedom from the endless workplace and mountains of debt that keep you just getting by, ask yourself how you would answer the questions. You may discover that you’re in the market for a real solution and ready to move toward your goals.

Miles is a massage therapist with his own office and keeps busy servicing local companies that bring him in for their employees. He would like to discover or develop a product line to provide an additional revenue stream. Miles spends time studying with healers and shamans in other cultures so being able to make income online even when he isn’t working as a massage therapist would solve his time/money problem.

What do you like about your work? I like being my own boss. I’m a wellness practitioner so I can take my work wherever I go. I need this flexibility so I can continue studying with my teachers. Helping people live better, more full lives is why I wake up everyday.

What would you change if you could? I’m looking to make more money. If I can wrap my values and goals around a product that also creates a respectable second source of revenue, that would be worth going for. making money from home or from my laptop would be ideal.

Why is that important to you? My energy and knowledge is how I make

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