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my living. So, not having money as a concern would free me to spend my energy acquiring more knowledge and teachings so I can better help my clients.

How does it make you feel not knowing how you will make more money? I ‘m sure something is going to work out and come to me. I’ve been talking with everyone about their dreams and how they are making these happen. Their stories are the ongoing support helping me look for my own solutions. I believe opportunity knocks when you’re open to it.

What would you do if there were nothing stopping you? I don’t feel anything is stopping me. I am living my dream. Having achieved this dream, I see that I need to refine it so I do have more time and money for my personal growth and development.

If you’re like Miles and you’re looking for a way to change your present situation so you too can get what you want, you might consider a residual income business. Residual income businesses continue to provide an income even when you are not. These opportunities come in a variety of forms- multi-level marketing, network marketing, house parties, affiliate marketing, etc. Whether you’re looking to make money online or off (or both), you could find an opportunity to work in the exploding wellness industry with a residual income business.

You too can make your dreams of optimal health and wealth come true while being of service to your family and community. Discover a real solution and move toward your goals of making money working from home, for yourself.

M. Conroy is creating her dreams on the high rocky plains of Colorado. You can contact her on her website at

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