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Question by janeattack2000: Do shaman follow any steps in performing shamanism?

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Answer by Xythos
I think I understand what you are asking, but your question doesn’t fit into what a shaman is. Shamanism is similar to a profession. Are there steps in performing lawyer-ing? Are there steps in performing doctoring?

Shamanism is an interaction with both people and the spirits. It is a journeying through altered states of consciousness. There can be steps for a particular task within shamanism, such as how a shaman achieves an altered state or how he (she) diagnosis an illness, but there is no universal set of steps for every shaman, no.

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One Response to Do shaman follow any steps in performing shamanism?

  • infinite_gray says:

    Ahh same question but I will answer in a different way with more detail on the journey itself.

    The only real step is to get into an altered mental state to journey which is like a visual meditation.

    The journey would involve the use of dancing, drumming and chanting to get into an altered mental state. During the journey the Shaman will travel to the lower world by going down into the earth or the upper world by going up into the sky. There they will meet their power animal(s) who will be their guide and protector. Once there the Shaman will ask their power animal a question, search for something or perform healing ect. During the journey the Shaman’s mind is kind of in two places at once. It is almost like a dream that you are just waking up from, while you will see, hear, feel and smell things during the journey you are still slightly aware of the drumming or chanting going on in the background. Power animals are commonly connected with Shamanism however there are teachers as well. Teachers could be a deceased relative, friend or any divine being (God, Angels, Saints ect) The various Power animals and teachers are honored and thanked for their protection and their guidance.

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