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harry potter spells
by PunkJr

The Mystery Unveils Behind The Half Blood Prince In The New Film Of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

The mesmerising and captivating world full of spells, robes, wands, witches, and wizards is about to enter your life this summer. The new movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is about to be released in July, this summer. It promises to be a great action and thrill packed, full of magical enchantments package.


This movie has been predicted to top the charts for quiet a while. Many exiting love stories are also going to be a part of this series along with some tragic deaths. The title Half Blood Prince is quite intriguing, and one’s mind ponders over the fact that what is the mystery behind it.


The mystery of the Half Blood Prince is finally revealed in this movie. The title has been named after Snape, the potions master at Hogwarts. When Harry first arrives at Hogwarts to start his sixth year of school, he realises that he has lost his potions book. Then he comes across a book lying in the cupboard of his school that belongs to an unknown student. The name scribbled on it is the Half Blood Prince.


The book brings a lot of honour and attention to Harry’s academic life as he follows the instructions of the owner more than of the author. The professor also becomes highly impressed by his performance, and does not miss a chance of appreciating him. Harry often discusses the mystery of the great owner of the book with Ron and Hermione, but they are simply too jealous to argue over the mystery.


Throughout the whole year, Harry continues to use the book and gain respect. Throughout he remains completely oblivious of the fact that his own Professor Snape is the owner of the book. Hermione does a lot of research regarding the name, but doesn’t come up with anything fruitful, and eventually gives up the effort of finding out.


The name has been designed so artlessly that it cannot be judge from any angel who could possibly be the Half Blood Prince. Snape called himself Half Blood Prince because his mother was a princess by name and he was a muggle born so he called himself a half blood.


The mystery is finally revealed in the movie when Harry tries out a spell scribbled out in the corner of the book on Draco and Snape gets suspicious. In panic, Harry hides the book in the castle and forgets about it.


It is after this incident that Harry discovered that the owner of the book was an evil and a dark wizard. However, later on when the battle begins at Hogwarts, Snape confirms Harry’s doubts by telling him the truth before fleeing from the castle. Harry is so numb from the shock of his headmaster’s death that the news does not affect him as such. Overall, the movie is sure to be a big hit, full of mysteries, love, adventure, and excitement.

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