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This video talks about how to find work ~ life ~ and Spiritual balance and the process involved.

25 Responses to 028 – Work ~ Life ~ Spiritual Balance

  • researchOne23 says:

    Bubble eyes is so wise, does laundry one day a week and waited 10 years for a degree in, in, whatever, anyway–> Life and trees and fiber is so majic we just do it with the Chiwawa and our finger wand. I’ll have to make an appointment with myself to feed our soul with videos in the morning. It’s so awesome to live by a theater and connecting with the earth, 5 minutes to an hour. Ok charming, got it. Thanks bunches. A-THEE A-THEE THAT’S ALL FOLKS! WTF? (WasThisForreal)

  • NightShadowPagan says:

    I love Scott Cunningham’s books, really good advice

  • ambernjade99 says:

    thank you for this video, it was really helpful.

  • greenfairy05 says:

    I think your video was great…. your right I should be including something spiritual into my life every day. light a candle, prune my garden, bubble bath with candles a book and glass of wine.

  • XxchimpanzeexX says:

    You have helped me a lot and got me some ideas. Everyday I’m going to sit. Yes, sit. I am going to sit and think maybe go to a special place. Or I am going to open my basement window open and breath in the fresh air. (it’s winter)

  • Aiyanaryu says:

    A fantastic video as always – just what I needed right now.
    Thank you:)

  • amalthea25 says:

    I love this video…..this was EXACTLY what i was looking for. I need balance very badly. Thank you so much CharmingPixie.

  • Rain4732 says:

    Thank you for this post. Recently I have started working and I have been finding that my focus has shifted a lot. I have found that I have been taken out of my place of power that my source has been gone from me. I have had a lot of anxiety in my life and when it stopped recently my magic felt non existent because I didn’t have that energy there to draw upon. This helps remind me of the basics and helps restore my faith and knowing of what I do. THanks and Blessed be.

  • StarWomb says:

    i agree with u completely. u r in unison with all the energies in our universe. u can use all the energies by asking/ visualizing them and truley feeling it with ur minds eye. i practice this regularly all i need is the god and goddess they are within as well as without.

  • Miekushun says:

    Your videos are great. And your right about visualizations. I am thankful the God and Goddess give us all these wonderful, beautiful, and nice things. I should start thanking the elements for their hard work and keeping me alive and in good health. Thank you for sharing CharmingPixieFlora. You are awesome!

  • JckJessica says:

    I REALLY appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to post these videos for us. They are very informative and easy to utilize. Thanks so much. Blessed be!

  • KT12346 says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you make videos ALL the time 😀 It’s just so inspiring. 🙂 Thank you!

  • NeskaBean says:

    Great video – thanks for posting!

  • AutumnsMagic says:

    I LOVE this video…it’s one of my favorites of yours. I actually just made my first video (YAY!) and it had to do with a lot of the things you talk about in this one.

  • charmedandfriendsfan says:

    hi charming pixie flora youru vids help me so much with my craft and have helped me become a better witch i think and have helped me grow in my power thank you and keep making your vids bb

  • CharmingPixieFlora says:

    Thank you so much! It means alot to me that you find them helpful in anyway.

  • CharmingPixieFlora says:

    Check out more of my videos and see if they help out any…Let me know. : )

  • MzEleMents says:

    Hi there! You have no idea the admiration I have for you. You have helped me tremendously.ALL of your vids are well put together and instructional.Most of all I just love the fact that your a mom like me yet you make the time for so many others! I just wanted to tell you I am grateful for you and for everything you’ve helped me with. I don’t mean to sound rude, but, I like your vids better then tiptoechicks.Thank you! Blessed Be !

  • BlackFlame62 says:

    I got into Wicca not too long ago….And I don’t know how to do any of the rituals or magic or any of that stuff…how can I learn? Are there things on the internet?

  • MsKatatonic says:

    I thought so….I have a black cat, too but I’m afraid to let him out because we have a bunch of “cat haters” in this area..I also have a teacup chihuahua who HATES going outside…great video, btw :>)

  • CharmingPixieFlora says:

    Probably…I have one black cat, one tuxedo kitty (black and white) and a brown and tan Chahulhula

  • MsKatatonic says:

    was that a black cat that ran under your hammock?

  • DISTURBED702 says:

    wow another great video

  • CharmingPixieFlora says:

    Lots of practice and time managment! Thanks for your compliments! )O(

  • SilverButterflyWings says:

    i was wondering how you fit it all in, you just seem to float through the day :o)

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