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Question by RJ ? ?? ????? ??: Where can I read about the metaphysical properties of stones?

(I would prefer a book.)

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Answer by eigeroy
in a book

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14 Responses to Q&A: Where can I read about the metaphysical properties of stones?


    Google it.

  • Kate R says:

    the libaray

  • A Man says:

    The bottom of the pacific ocean at the “dragons triangle” you will find a stone that list all elements and their metaphysical properties.

    First you must go there on a boat, tie a heavy stone to your leg and jump into the ocean. You will land on the stone and it will create a vortex sucking you into a parallel dimension where you will be re-united with the akashki records. There you must wield the powers of fire and water to form a magnetic vortex and catapult yourself back into actuality where you wake up in rehab, and the psychedelics wear off completely. Good Luck.

  • trek trek says:

    at the metaphysical properties of stones website!!!!!!

  • Kim says:
  • Queen of the Universe says:

    Click each yellow word to find more information.

  • Deborah S says:

    very commercial but good summaries:

    more educational:

    healing properties:

    Hope these help or at least start you on your quest.

  • lightningelemental says:

    A great resource for learning about the metaphysical properties of stones is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. I have many books on the subject, but find myself going back to The Crystal Bible again and again. If I could only have one book on the subject, this would be it.

  • lazuli says:

    Love is in The Earth by Melody.
    Excellent book with loads of descriptions in.

  • Unreachable [Back in the JPA!] says:

    No idea , but .. you’re back! Yaaaayyyyy! Nice to have you back 🙂

  • Midnight River says:
  • L'Chaim JPA says:

    Welcome back!

  • Chaya says:


    There are Jewish astrological systems that I think have been connected with gemstones, although not too sure how kosher this is.

    The History of Science: A Collection of Manuscripts from the Library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. Ann Arbor, MI: University Microfilm International, 1980. 17 reels.

    Call number: mfm/Q/H578/1980 PASC

    Includes 200 rare manuscripts covering over 400 titles. There are early manuscripts from the Mediterranean Basin and other centres of learning worldwide. Most material is from the 16th and 17th centuries. This collection is divided into 4 subject areas:

    1. astrological, astronomical and calendrical works

    2. mathematical works

    3. medical works

    4. miscellaneous works (such as gemology and meteorology)

    This might require an eager reference librarian to help you get these by interlibrary loan. (Or you might try Spertus online).

    Other works looking at the Urim and Thummin, stones, tribes and birthdays: Bruce Knuth’s Gems in Myth, Legion and Lore and George Frederick Kunz’s, The Curious Lore of Precious Stones. Both works are in print and available online.

    Vedic medicine (Aryuveda) used gemology and horoscopes extensively for healing purposes and can be found in the Rg Veda, Atharva Veda and Upanisads. I don’t know how this compares with the Jewish system, but it would be interesting.

    Note however, Israel or righteous individuals with a direct line to G-d are not affected by such angelic forces. They (we) are only affected by energy or light from the Most High G-d. This is good, because that energy and light is infinitely more powerful than rocks or planetary effects.

    P.S. Some things don’t have to be from books. If you are deciding what stones to for example place somewhere, then you can decide which ones are right, and they will be.

  • Cher JPA says:

    Welcome back!!! I hope you are feeling better.

    I once googled & found the stone connections for Judaism, but I don’t have the links anymore.

    I just wanted to answer the question to say hi.

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