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Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Crystal Quartz and Its Practical Applications

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Crystal Quartz and Its Practical Applications

A Beautiful Gift from the Earth to You

Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth. It occurs in a variety of colors, including yellow, brown, pink, purple, and gray. The clear, colorless variety, called Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal, forms exceptionally beautiful crystals that are sometimes used in jewelry to imitate diamonds. It has many fascinating physical and metaphysical qualities that can be applied in myriad ways to enhance your physical and mental well-being and help you achieve your goals.

Physical Properties of Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz is found all over the world. It is composed of silicon dioxide, one of the most plentiful compounds of the Earth’s crust. It grows as six-sided crystals, forming six-sided pyramids at the end of each crystal. The base of the crystal is milky, becoming clear at the tip. Quartz crystals often grow in clusters, in company with other minerals.

Quartz can form huge crystals—the longest ever found was 20 feet long and weighed 48 tons!

The Astrological Meaning of Crystal Quartz

Pure crystal quartz is very clear or translucent, so its association with light and clarity is immediately evident. As the crystal grows upward to increasing clarity, it symbolizes our own striving for perfection as we grow toward ever-higher levels of consciousness.

Crystal Quartz represents the astrological properties of both the Sun and Saturn, two

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