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Question by this boy: Spiritual….?
Which is the best way to read Bhagwat Gita and apply it immediately for urgent changes in life & Making decisions ??
All suggestions and thoughts are welcome….

Best answer:

Answer by chris_muriel007
The gita contains advice by a fallen angel.
Arjuna was a nice man, but Krishna deceived him.

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2 Responses to Q&A: Spiritual….?

  • super_shlee says:

    personally, i don’t think it’s possible to immediately apply it. with any spiritual text, it takes a lot of analyzing and self exploration before conclusions should be made

  • Marvin the paranoid android says:

    Best way to read — left to right for all anglo-saxon languages and right to left for all Arabic languages.

    According to Bhagwad Gita, it takes several thousand lifetimes to understand it. And according to Gita, you’ll finally know when the time is right.

    This is not to say, I am a Gita scholar in any way. I could be completely wrong about this.

    What are these urgent changes? Going on a war?

    The biggest message of Gita is “If you think what you are doing is right and good, do it no matter what. God will take care of the rest.”

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