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Question by Alanna: Can someone please help me interpret a tarot reading?
(Using The Enchanted Tarot deck) My query regarded Susan Miller’s horoscope predictions for the month of Feruary being the best of the decade for me in terms of luck and oppurtunity. I turned 32 today and am very concerned about occupation and lifes work in the future. I I’ve been hobbling along for years managing to get by doing MANY odd jobs but I really desire something suited for me that is fulling as well as lucrative. Astrologt says this is a lucky month full of lucky oppurtunity and good surprises that will lead me in the right direction. I asked the tarot to elaborate. Here is my reading for with the Celtic Cross spread:
Position 1- 5 of Swords (defeat? this is the most puzzling to me)
Position 2- (in the spred recommended by this specific deck, this position is not typically in the celtic cross spread.. there are 11 cards pulled in all. this is” what covers” or present conditions) 9 of pentacles
Position 3- obstacles – prince of pentacles
Position 4- (what is beneath) The Hanged Man
Position 5-(what is behind) ten of hearts
Position 6(what crowns)- The Sun
Position 7 ( what is before) six of wands
position 8 (personality)- princess of wands
Position 9(how others see you) Ace of Wands
Position 10(hopes and fears) Princess of Hearts
Position 11 (final outcome) The High Priestess

Best answer:

Answer by showstoprakesh
Yes of course, let me help you!

Whatever card you draw its plain BS!

Give your answer to this question below!

5 Responses to Can someone please help me interpret a tarot reading?

  • Captain Bunkum says:

    Yes – it means you’re hopelessly gullible to believe you can learn anything from a few pieces of printed card

  • taffygirl says:

    Stay away !! This is a form of demonic worship! So is a palm reading & crystal ball and psychics.
    No one can predict the future except God.

  • alan h says:

    Try planning your future instead.

  • Helen says:

    The first card appears to be a “significator” card describing the seeker that is not always used in Tarot readings. It is an odd one for this purpose, if it was chosen randomly that could explain why. The significator card is usually a card that you intentionally take out of the deck and use because it describes you (usually a court card), it is not the first card dealt from a shuffled deck. The way that you have dealt the cards could therefore have corrupted the whole reading.

    Your deck should have a little white book (LWB) with card meanings.

    For further learning, I recommend the following websites: (Joan Bunning’s free online course)

  • rgjuly10 says:

    No, I don’t think the 5 of swords means you will be defeated. I think you may feel defeated. You want to get into a career you love, but your time to put the energy into it is being stolen by your current work schedule. Plus, you may feel defeated because you haven’t had that lucky break or opportunity.
    Positions 2 and 3 are your situation and since they are both from the pentacles suite money and security are definitely on your mind. You are capable of having the luxurious life of the woman in card 9, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself with the prince of pentacles. Both wands and pentacles have to do with work, but pentacles are more lucrative and easier. Wands represent more manual labor and tend to have more conflict.
    The Hanged Man in Position 4 could mean that you feel stuck. The usual advice with the Hanged Man is to wait because the Hanged Man will know when to let himself down. Maybe an opportunity will present itself, you just have to wait and maybe be patient and somewhat uncomfortable in the mean time.
    The 10 of hearts in position 5 could mean that you are staring to loose hope. Card 5 can be compared to card 7. Card 5 is what is going out of your life and card 7 is what is coming in. The 6 of wands is know as the crown of hope card. Victory. What you hope will happen will happen. Even though you might be losing hope, it looks like what you want to happen will happen. Again, wands are about work.
    The Sun in Position 6 is very good! This card means rebirth and renewal, as sure as the sun rises every morning. This card can be compared to card 4. You feel stuck right now, but it seems like a very good opportunity will present itself. This is also one of your outcome cards. This can be compared to card 11 the High Priestess. The high priestess is very gifted and intuitive, so you must be as well. The high priestess is someone people go to for knowledge. Maybe you will be some sort of teacher of be given the opportunity to go back to school. Both of your outcome cards are major arcana, so these cards take precedence no matter what the other cards say.
    Princess of wands in position 8 is about initiative, energy, and charisma. You possess these qualities and people will recognize your ability and spark with the Ace of wands in position 9.
    The Princess of Hearts in position 10 could represent your very heartfelt wish that things will get better, and I think they will.
    This seems to be a very positive spread.

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