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Question by glaux_athena: If you could have a pagan temple built in the USA, which deity or pantheon would it represent?
Be creative and tell me why you chose your particular deity or pantheon.
LOL, after reading the bio on Paul Lynde, that could be a temple to either Eris or Dionysus.

Best answer:

Answer by Paul S, Bullfighter
Paul Lynde.

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12 Responses to Q&A: If you could have a pagan temple built in the USA, which deity or pantheon would it represent?

  • LabGrrl²= A²+B² says:

    I would build a *Pantheon*, open to all pantheons, I think for obvious reasons.

  • Woadhunter4 says:

    Ares but only because he represents America lol

  • Yahweh's Toaster says:

    The Aztec pantheon! Those guys are kick-*ss!

  • prairiecrow says:

    As a Wiccan, I would have a temple that is customizable to a variety of needs, since Pagan practice covers such a wide range of territory and so many God/dess concepts. This would mean that the space could be decorated and consecrated according to the requirements of any group at any time.

  • jools4fools says:

    I would design something with sacred geometry in mind. Something in harmony with the elements that ANYBODY could use for ceremonies, parties, festivals, fairs, or whatever.

  • pgd says:

    Ms. Statue of Liberty would be a good start.

    Reason: Historical precedent.

  • Dragon Star says:

    Though I am drawn mainly to the Egyptian Gods and Goddess’ (Isis and Osiris), I would build it to be customizable for whatever group is using it at that time.

    It would be open to all regardless of what pagan beliefs they follow: druid, witch, etc…and no matter what God/Goddess they work with.

  • kawaiikitten says:

    I would create a multistory temple with each floor dedicated to a different pantheon and each floor having several niches cut out for statuary or symbols of the various deities of that pantheon. Each niche would have incense available and pads or rugs to sit or kneel upon for meditation or prayer. It’s going to be difficult to limit which pantheons and which deities but I guess off the top of my head I’d include Celtic/Welsh/British/Gaelic on one floor (yes these pantheons vary from one another, but for the sake of space they can share a single story), Greek/Roman, Egyptian, Norse/Germanic/Teutonic, Sumerian, Native American, and…I’m missing some here I’m sure but as a brainstorming activity it’s not bad. I’d probably put the BTW’s Lord & Lady on the Celtic floor. Actually, it’d be preferable to have a different temple for each pantheon…

    Man that would be so awesome. It’d have to be a huge building.

  • seed says:

    Gaia, Earth Mother. It’s past time we paid some respect to this planet and cleaned up our act!

  • angel says:

    Gaia or Gaea (mother earth)
    She is the goddess of life………..she sustains life…….. she IS life

  • kaplah says:

    It would be a pan-trad temple. All would be welcome. Different groups would just lease space and I’d allow different groups to sponsor shrines and grottos to the Gods of their choosing.

  • Morningstar2651 says:
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