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In this video I show you the neat website that is perfect for spooking friends out. You basically pretend that the computer knows what’s going on in front of you. SECRET HERE: Check out how to make some money online: http “Do you need to ask a question? Are you looking for answers? Peter offers you a space to ask anything you want. However, before each question you must write a petition. If the answer is not what you expected, at least you make catharsis and ask again How can I make a petition? You can make a petition by either writing: Peter, please answer the following question: or by using the short sentence: Peter, please answer: Press “Enter” to go to the following textbox. How can I ask a question? Please keep a friendly language. End the question by pressing “Enter” or using a question mark (?). Why is it a Virtual Tarot? The people who have used the game have called it “Virtual Tarot” because, even if it not played with cards, the “guessing character” of it is related to the name.” –

Peter Vietual Tarot fun with friends!
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34 Responses to Peter Answers – Virtual Tarot Example and How To Tutorial

  • KeglarX says:

    my friend was talking to him and he said to me i bet ur ID isnt in ur wallet and it was when i checked, went to check again and it was gone, then he said its in the dresser bottom rgiht drawer and it was there.

  • Nicer102 says:

    He dose he geussed my pant and shirt and what brand

  • HelloxHixWatsup says:

    LOL. its because its a TRICK! you put a period and then type in whatevber the answer is and it will automaticially put peter please answer the following question or whatever. then type the question and it will say what u typed in the petition thing

  • JessieBitchTV says:

    Just Keep Believing In That Stupid Shit Cuz It’s Fake!

  • PeaChick418 says:

    Its to prank your friends. In the top box press period, then type the anwer then press period again. Finsih the “Peter please answer” sentence and there you go.

    dat blackarican chick

  • pepaykoh says:

    hay mga taong nainiwal d2 tanga

  • flameboy122 says:

    yes i do i just found out

  • nfsgtamc3 says:

    you dont knw how to operate it

  • flameboy122 says:

    always says i will not answer that

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