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Question by Sag H: How do I escape depression caused by metaphysical studies of the cruelty of human nature and the loss of utopi?
How do I escape depression caused by metaphysical studies of the cruelty of human nature and the loss of utopia

Human nature has me at pessimistic catatonic breaking point, I just feel like I can’t move. I’ve been drive to despair by pessimism. My dad blames it all on my personal problems, its true I don’t really have many friends. But I feel insulted that what for me is a metaphysical question can just be dismissed as rationalization. I hate that Freudian loop. I will only concede this. If I was satisfied hedonistically, I might take the meaningless and cruelness of life as a comedy, while in my situation I take it as a tragedy. Comes mostly from Schopenhauer. I just see the radically anti-egalitarian nature of the world as it is as just driven by a sexual sadism in all humanity that needs to dominate and degrade and inflict pain. At one time I had the youthful energy to struggle mightily against such forces to fight against the black ocean. But now I’m just exhausted and have lost all real hope of victory. I just hate the glib answer of human nature people give to any chance of building a better world. The easy dismissals of utopia. Everything they taught us in childhood about good guys and bad guys was a lie. I was the only fool who believed it. So just getting up in the morning and doing daily routine makes me feel like I’m supporting the world that I hate to the very fiber of my being.

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Answer by Ruben
The part of you that hates humanity is on “center stage”…

There are other parts that do not hate humanity…and has the capacity to look at life differently…and to love.

You’re Stuck!

That’s all.

Allow the other parts to get on stage for a while…

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3 Responses to How do I escape depression caused by metaphysical studies of the cruelty of human nature and the loss of utopi?

  • Rajasekhar G says:

    As you say you are in a state of disgust after going through all those books.
    Do know for sure that all philosophical propositions are logical derivations.
    True philosophical enquiry should give more clarity of thought and identity or else it is a failure.
    Think you are suffering from wrong identity,pl clarify your self.

  • Silly Goose says:

    Listen, young one. I have the same situation as you, but I am deciding to approach in a different light. All of my “comrades” are obnoxiously frustrating, attempting to wake at 5:00 AM on the morn of the morrow in order to run to a Waffle House. All I’m saying is: that sort of useless shenanigan serves no purpose to the human race. No purpose to society in general. No purpose to the humans partaking in said event. Instead, I just nodded my head in profound bemusment, choosing instead to partake in an activity a little more worthwhile and satisfactory. I decided I would begin to look at the human race as a joke. As for Utopi, yes, a Utopia is indeed impossible with the human race. But that is of no fault of the human race, I daresay. Think about it. If there was a utopia, then everyone would have everything they ever dreamed about having, which would be impossible in our world unless someone worked to make and manufacture those items. But the person manufacturing said items would probably also want everything they wanted, meaning they would probably not want to be manufacturing said items. So it would never work out- a Utopian society. And humans are indeed cruel. But that is to gain what they want. I cannot help that some of our past predecessors have taken unfathomable reaches into the depths of cruelty to satisfy their whims and sadistic temperaments. Unfortunately, we cannot escape this, unless the escape route is that of death. But that is an option I choose not to accept until I am of a ripe age. Instead, I will plan on travelling the world to the best of my abilities, indulging not in materialistic wants, but in natural needs and the humbling beauty of nature. And I will continue to view the human race as a joke, laughing at the mere mention of human foolery.

  • Stevejavson says:

    Everything is what it is. We just make it relative.

    Humans may be the stupidest things to walk this planet but we all shift towards equilibrium. Pessimist? Bah! Pessimists can’t do squat. Rationalists are the ones who stop wallowing and find ways to change things. Human nature may be cruel, but human nature also gives us the will to improve. Build upon that.

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