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Learn tips on shuffling the tarot cards from a card reading expert in this free tarot card video. Expert: Suzanne Diamond Bio: Suzanne Diamond has been working as a tarot reader and psychic professionally since 1990. She has a 90% accuracy rate. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson

This video gives a brief introduction on how to read tarot cards. Courtesy of
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23 Responses to How to Read Tarot Cards : Shuffling Tips for Tarot Cards

  • Beau74 says:

    OMG the level of hippie-ness in this video is nauseating

  • imperilolololololol says:

    Hi I’m imperiolololololololol and I am santa claus and terminator for expertvillage . com this makes me a profecional mindreader. First of all you want to look at your client and see if they have any telling features if they don’t just ask them a bunch of random questions until they give you one. Now insert your penis in to a hot water mellon and spin it around, then tell them something about they want a new car and BAM you are a mindreader too.

  • MJProduction67 says:

    do you use all the cards for the cross?, or only the minor acarda?

  • soniclover1997 says:

    yeah i dont know how to feel the energy
    but watever 😀

  • soniclover1997 says:

    no they also have books on wat the cards mean
    but i think u need to know how to feel the energy in cards
    too bad atleast i know wat they mean! 😀

  • soniclover1997 says:

    i know how to read tarot cards !
    and im only 13 years old
    but i have this book that tells me wat the card says and i have way different tarot cards than those
    (okay the tarot cards arent mine)

  • WarholVirtuoso says:

    Wow, her deck seems really used!

  • Im4Reil says:

    You are absolutely right KarakalLynx 🙂 Just shuffling and taking the top cards alone does not always work.The reason why is simple,to divine an answer to a question you need to use the intuitive aspect of choosing the cards.Taking them from off the top to divine an answer is astronomical as is to shuffling and using the top 6 cards to match the winning lottery numbers,probably won’t happen as odds are 13 million to 1.Better to shuffle and then choose the cards intuitively 🙂

  • whooooooooosh says:

    her cards seem pretty ‘loose’

  • 9garcia9 says:

    i really want to learn how to do this, does it take long to get to know how to read them???

  • maygodsaveyoursouls says:

    1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    2The same was in the beginning with God.

    3All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    4In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

    5And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

  • KarakalLynx says:

    I don’t use three pile either.

    Shuffle and then I select one by one, whichever cards feel right in my hands/spread out across a “table”. Shuffling and just selecting from top of deck never works well for me.

    …yeah. do what feels right.

  • KarakalLynx says:

    I shuffle till I’m concentrated and good. And then spread it out, face down, across the ta- er. Bed. I never worked with a table before XD. “Clients” are “victims” and “friends”.

    Interesting how she shuffles by grabbing the cards lengthwise.

  • HopelesslyAwkward says:

    Your hair is thick long healthy looking and beautiful. I’m going to have a tarot reading one day.

  • mermaidmusic07 says:

    If I’m reading for a friend, I shuffle until they tell me to stop, put the deck down, and let them cut it. Then I have them put the hand they write with over each deck and feel the one with the most energy. Usually it’s aparant which one to choose. But maybe I’ll try this sometime.

  • LoriGorey71591 says:

    I agree with taowiccan; there’s no reason to -not- try the method she has used, though it’s generally not the most accepted.

  • taowiccan says:

    Just like anything else- go with what feels right to you. If you’ve never done it before there’s no reason not to try it the way she’s describing.

  • Oreceo says:

    Back in the day the method she is demonstrating was the one taught but really there are any number of ways to shuffle the deck.

  • yamamangiao says:

    do not big black

  • dahangman39 says:

    I disagree with the 3 pile method. I like to let a client shuffle as long and how they, then cut if they choose to and then take cards off the op unless i feel compelled to cut to a certain card.

  • glamourouagirl32 says:

    very helpful

  • cheetaz49 says:

    Thanks! This was really helpful! Using the keywords and the picture on the card was really helpful in remembering the meanings!

  • SleepingWithSorrow says:

    does it matter which deck you start out with? i bought the vampire tarot, then i just bought the enchanted oracle. both decks drawed me in. i still dont understand out to read. was it a mistake to buy these decks?

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