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Question by : What is the spiritual/metaphysical subtext of the movie….?
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? It has made an impact on so many people, there must be an important message there.


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Answer by Rahab
There isn’t one

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6 Responses to What is the spiritual/metaphysical subtext of the movie….?

  • Peace Yo hugs Tibet says:

    Why I do declare, laughter is jolly good for the soul don’tcha know?

  • problem says:

    I love that movie. It was so bad it was good. I think it proves that the FSM is really Satan. ( I am kidding, folks!)

  • turtles all the way down says:

    We need to stop the tomatoes before the evolve sentience.

  • MamaBear says:

    I wouldn’t know, I missed that one, along with “Little Shop of Horrors”.

    I know, I know, I was a deprived child…..

  • Searcher says:

    I just remember the cartoon version of this and not the movie!!!

    The tomatoes were really angry at the world and trying to take over. But I don’t remember the spiritual/metaphysical subtext. I guess it would be that too much power in the hands of a certain species can be dangerous, especially if there is a superior race trying to eat you!!!

  • bad tim, horned gods ? sexy, jpa says:

    don’t-a mess-a with-a mamma natura.

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