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Celtic Tarot

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List Price: CDN$ 26.50

Price: CDN$ 16.61

3 Responses to Celtic Tarot

  • Matt Helm says:

    Review by Matt Helm for Celtic Tarot
    I ordered this when it first came out and have used it off and on since. This deck does not come with an accompanying book, just a small fold out flyer. This is the reason why I couldn’t give it a 5 star rating. A deck like this really does need a thorough book to go with it. The flyer doesn’t due the deck justice by not going into much detail in the divinatory meanings, just a word or two, so I think this would be very confusing for someone new to tarot. I’m a professional tarot reader by trade and I would’ve enjoyed reading more about the symbolism used in the cards.The cards are slightly firm and have a nice slick lamination which makes them easy to shuffle. The artwork is amazing and this alone makes this deck worth purchasing. The colors used are bold and tend to sway toward the darker end of the color spectrum which I think gives it a more masculine feel than most decks I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong, I think the ladies will like it too, but men won’t be turned off by it since it’s definitely not a frilly deck. While the Celtic Tarots is very pleasing to the eye, it is still a deck of substance. You can tell how much thought went into all of the designs just by looking at each card. Every single one has a distinct story to tell if you open yourself up to them. Overall, I think this is a good deck to have, especially if you love anything Celtic.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Celtic Tarot
    I don’t know why this deck is not more well known. I bought it some time ago on av whim (didn’t know what it looked like) and boy was I pleasantly surprised! It is a beautiful deck. As far as I know there is no book that goes with it (only a small folded pamphlet that comes in the card box), so that is a negative. I would like a book to help you along with this deck. Also, I wish the cards were bigger because they are so beautiful. each one could be a print to hang on your wall. In using this deck to give readings I have found it to be excellent. People I read for really are amazed at the beauty of the cards and how well the readings go.

  • Anonymous says:

    Review by for Celtic Tarot
    Don’t be fooled by the small size of this deck, or the fact that it’s a Celtic deck made in Italy or that it doesn’t come in a big fancy case; it’s a really great deck that I would recommend to anyone interested in an easy-to use deck with a Celtic feel. The artwork is superb; really well done, other-wordly creatures and people. The pictures almost have a fantasy cartoon look to them. I could see them as illustrations in a Celtic faery tale book. Lots of detail & and great images that are very striking so they help you remember what the individual cards mean. Some of the characters were so intense that I began fantasing about them as if they were characters in a book.Using these cards in a reading is very easy & fun. I got some really good results with it. If you enjoy Celtic images & are tired of some of the other decks out there that have second-rate artwork, then check this deck out.

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