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Question by Guitar Heroine: What is your favourite metaphysical theory/philosophy ?

Best answer:

Answer by Minski
that we are asleep and that with effort, tools, knowledge and help we actually CAN awaken.

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5 Responses to Q&A: What is your favourite metaphysical theory/philosophy ?

  • JORGE N says:

    The human being is a specific level and qualitatively original form of being.

  • whiz kid18 says:

    Though life is complicated it’s only what you make it to be.


  • kozzm0 says:

    One I made up only a couple weeks ago as part of other answers. It’s not fundamentally metaphysical, but it is partly.

    The philosophy is everybody is robots. You, me, everybody.

    You never knew this, but you’re not using your computer, your computer is actually using you. You’re at your terminal being given instructions over the internet. Your question here is a special code request on the YA robot-to-robot code distribution system.

    The code you are provided via the internet basically determines everything you know and everything you do. You may see the news in the newspaper occasionally, but I bet you find all the details on the internet. The newspaper story is actually just a message to all robots to proceed to the internet for more information.

    Robot skeletons are made of titanium, not bones. They show bones on TV hospital dramas and stuff to maintain the illusion, but have you ever severed a limb and checked if there’s really a bone there? Me either. There’s a layer of security applications preventing it, namely one called “itwouldhurtalot.bin” to make sure robots never try to dismantle themselves.

    That everybody is robots defeats the old lies that try to base metaphysics on the “mind” or “ideas” or “form” and all that kind of crap. Robots don’t have brains, and they don’t have minds either. All that stuff you think is thoughts is just your robot cpu processing data. You’re only aware of the processing and the data because you have separate sensors that monitor the cpu and because you’re required to report results of your cpu’s data-crunching. You are programmed to store the output of your cpu in memory, and then eventually to type it online for internet level 01. (also known as google).

    Before you complain that this philosophy is stupid, and it is very stupid, consider that every philosophy can be made to look stupid and every philosophy has in fact been called stupid, more or less, by many people. So it’s equal to any other philosophy, and because it’s funnier, it’s actually the best philosophy in the world. Unless someone comes up with a funnier one. Or comes up with one that’s actually useful, which nobody ever has, as far as I know.

  • macnevi AmbassadorFromHell says:

    We are all potentially God and our thoughts are things which create the reality we are a part of.

  • askyourmind says:

    My Grandmother had some unusual beliefs. She was what you might call a “Spiritualist.” Now, my Grandmother was also a nurse (like me) and enjoyed studying people and the world. She had an Ouija board, several different versions of the bible, candles, and a ton of funny sayings. She wasn’t afraid to push the limits and opened my mind to things I never knew existed before.

    At the center of her beliefs is that we are all Spirit. Spirit is non-physical and does not require matter or energy to sustain it. She believed that our consciousness or the part of us that recognizes we exist is infinite and eternal. She told all this to me when I was like 12 or 13 years old and things were happening to me that I couldn’t explain, but the things she said made sense.

    She said that the physical world exists because of our ability to perceive it. Matter did not organize to create consciousness – – consciousness organized to create matter. The things she told me often frightened my sisters, but her stories always fascinated me. She said that there is a lot more going on here than what we’ve been told and the price for not asking questions is much greater than the price for being complacent.

    Good luck!

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