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Question by Devin: Can I become a shaman being Canadian and 1/4 Native?
And how would I be able to become one?

Best answer:

Answer by Clay
Anyone can become a shaman. You just need to find a current shaman to mentor you.

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10 Responses to Can I become a shaman being Canadian and 1/4 Native?

  • Reoriented says:

    Is there a provincial liscencing exam?

  • feyomi* says:

    I don’t understand though. Do you believe what shamanism teaches? If not, well then no. You’re either a shaman or you’re not. Again, I don’t get it.

  • Mother Hubbard says:

    Anyone can be one.
    Maybe being “the” shaman for someone’s community has specific rules, but anyone can be a shaman.

  • MissDementia says:

    Yes, you can. Shamans are merely people who are considered to be “go betweens” between this world and this spirit world. There are Norse Shamans, Native American Shamans, Aboriginal Australian Shamans, and so on and so forth. Decide what type of Shamanism you wish to learn about and then start studying and find a practicing Shaman to help guide you. Since Shamans are also mediators between living people you do indeed need to study and you may find it helpful to not just study spiritual matters and systems, but also practical ones such as psychology – especially the psychology of interpersonal relationships, herbal medicine, and others. Most Shamans serve their cultural community in more than one way, so you’ll have a lot of studying ahead of you.

  • capitalgentleman says:

    Yes, but….

    It takes years to become one. The one I know began learning at her grandmother’s knee, in sort of a life-long apprenticeship. You need the talent (discernment of spirits, for example), an incredible memory for the stories, medicines, etc., as well as great smell and taste for creating the medicines as well.

    The one I know is in her mid-50’s now, and is still learning from the elders. And, a traditional shaman makes no money for it! The Creator made knowledge for us to share, not profit from (as she explained to me).

  • Matt says:

    Yes. You should seek out a practicing shaman in your tribe. I know an Australian woman who is half-Anglo and half-Native, she traveled to Canada to find her tribe, which she did, and lived with them and became a medicine woman. You can contact her at

  • muhammadSucks says:

    Native trout for my lunch

  • ???h??e says:

    Native Canadians have no shamans.

    If you become a shaman it will have nothing to do with Natives.

    You know nothing of our ways, none contribute to who you are. Without the people you have nothing.

    You will simply be a “White” shaman.

  • Kanien:kaha'ka-[]-[]-^-[]-[] says:

    what does being a shaman have to do with being native? nothing.

    we don’t have shamans. if you are not a citizen of a first nation, then you are not native. just a descendant. if you were enrolled, you would know we don’t have shamans.

    but feel free to join the ranks of all the other “shamans” out there who make a living off the gullible. apparently business is good.

  • Lemon says:

    Idk, but you did become an idiot asking this.

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