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vision quest is a big psytrance party in japan.09.2002,x-dream,the delta,gms,shanti,astrix,infectedmashroom,exail,koxbox,dino,jorg,spacecat,zorba??and more artist gig in hiwadakogen.

I wrote this song after doing a traditional Native American Vision Quest, on top of Sage Peak. A 10000 foot high granite peak, on the northern edge of Yellowstone Park. It was a very physically demanding, sometimes painful, but an incredible rewarding experience. It changed my life and sprititual philosophies. So many thanks to my ‘Horse & trusted friend, ‘Mescalito’, the best Mountain Horse ever, (RI.P) And to ‘Tipi’ Tom Heintz for his savvy, direction, ability and motivation, and most of all, to ‘Burton – Pretty – Top’, my ‘ Crow Medicine Man Brother’, who interpreted my venture & meanings. I advise everyone to experience the ‘Lap of Mother Nature’ in such a way. There would be no reason for ‘politicians or preachers’ Last but not least, thanks to Michael Keaton & Chip Walter for their inspiration of witness, while sharing the Yellowstone Wildlands together. They both, are a walking testimony, that the ‘Wildland Spirit’ is still alive and well. The “Coyote Angel Band” for recording this with me, and bringing it to life, so I could share it… ie Bart Koehler, Michael Blessing and Craig Hall. Aho………………..
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19 Responses to vision quest gathering 2002

  • gallardo10008000 says:

    what is the name of this crazy song?????????

  • azsilver1 says:

    I think this is a beautiful video. I love the music. I feel very at peace when I listen to this music.

  • Yolanda97 says:

    Aho Hawktana,
    Beautiful, keep putting it out, Earth Mother needs you. Thank you for your comments on my video’s
    Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

  • WakeUpDummies says:

    I wish you would sell the MP3 of this so we can play it anywhere at any time 🙂

  • TheOwl54 says:

    So deep, so enchanting …
    beautiful song. It touches spirit & soul.
    Thank you !
    Love&Peace, Ute.

  • firestater1999 says:

    Wonderful,super,love it.
    thank you says michael
    love and peace

  • Lanesteepee says:

    I like what came from your visions.Truth and honesty.Really good work on the video and the music is great.I enjoyed watching and listening.Peace,Love,lane

  • hawktana says:

    Thank you so much for your comment… that time was and ever will be my greatest inspiration

  • watnotch says:

    The heart in this guy is very deep… a big heart… more please…encore, plus en plus….

  • Lionheart5294 says:

    Very, very moving! I am grateful that you shared what for you must have been a deeply personal experience.

  • RCGva says:

    Love it ty. Great song & video.

  • WakeUpDummies says:

    Well, suit yourself if it makes you happy. Just seems like a video about things that go beyond McCain vs. Obama. Bringing them into this seems a little out of place.. Oh well.. Carry on

  • givebirthathome says:

    This is exactly the place to discuss politics, and to make connections between our ideals, our realities, and our hypocrisies.

  • WakeUpDummies says:

    This doesn’t seem like the place to preach politics.

  • zaction says:


  • givebirthathome says:

    Folks who like this vid, may also find stuff they like at dnhooligan and ubertool channels.

  • givebirthathome says:

    This is making me think of Leo Tolstoy’s book, “The Kingdom of God is within.” That may sound stodgy, but it was excitingly : ) banned by the Russian censors when it came out. It discusses how the entire direction and thought of Western Civilization (esp. war) is based on misinterpretation of Christianity.

    Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goeth before destruction”–meanwhile the followers of McCain, the supposed Christians are crowing about how proud they are and criticizing Michelle Obama…

  • piratesse4 says:

    Very nice!

  • catterpillar82 says:

    This song and video is very good

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