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I have been going to Rainbow Gatherings on & off since 1983. These clips come from a larger video that was done called 1997 Rainbowspirit. I have pulled all the Pagan songs & chants from the video & will post each one here. I missed this gathering but my daughter was there. No she ain’t in any of the clips, at least I ain’t seen her. Though people of many religions go to gatherings, most are either Pagan or Native Shamanistic as well as a large sprinkle of Rastas & Krishnas. This is the first clip. ENJOY! (12/29/09) Ifyou enjoy my videos and like to see more and more quality videos, consider donating towards my “Help Gypsy get a RV Fund” by sending donations to my Pay Pal via my email, at: jlobos65 (at) gmail (dot) com Your donation will help me get out of my truck and into a bed and back up to Oregon where I can get work. THANK YOU!
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25 Responses to Rainbow Spirit I; Rainbow Around The Moon

  • supersoccer133 says:

    …..I think there’s a rainbow around the moon.

  • runrunrun1967 says:

    Love this song

  • chronicebonics says:

    Can you believe the gathering was right outside of my house and i couldn’t go?! fucking pigs wouldn’t let me through. they had large guns. these people are not dangerous at all, these pigs have no right. Doubt I’ll ever see them again unfortunately, though a few of the bad ones stole my stuff.

  • lzrdgrl26 says:

    I love this song!!!! I so wish I was there.

  • lzrdgrl26 says:

    Racist? Yeah right. You’re deluded. There’s nothing remotely racist about people singing together being happy. If you go back far enough in time, people everywhere had the same sort of music about the same sort of things, using the same instruments (drums and voice), and were very similar in pretty much every way. Be yourself and embrace all the cultures you feel drawn to, and know that we are all one, and came from the SAME culture. That’s the least racist thing you can do.

  • ancientgodofcats says:

    ‘m a Mexican but I don’t blame to all the spanish for the acts who cortez,the kings and the church support
    no, I just blame to ones who done it.

    Don’t blame all the white men’s for what happens to you’re ancestors
    if you whant to point fingers,blame kissinger, and the big industries.

    Its better you get just to it to the idea of all the world togather against the new world order
    and you defenetly need going to a Shaman and light candles, because you are full of hate
    and bad energies.

  • ancientgodofcats says:

    This is for burnssweetgrass;

    I think you’re missing the point here,
    a few questions, in the rainbow gatherings;
    Are you see hippies with guns killing you’re family for sell the land ?
    do you see hippies take down trees ? and killing horses,bears and wolves for sell them? the answers are NO

  • malindaisme says:


  • wiglywog says:


  • evilbearfromhell says:

    gee, yeah… i see whites, blacks… a whole ensemble of people assembled in togetherness. singing. happy. totally racist.
    wake up.

  • feoinfunroe says:

    This video was shot in the midst of a Rainbow gathering… It’s sort of difficult to be racist when everyone is viewing each other from the inside-out. If that needs explaining, then you just haven’t been there yet.

  • proudwitch33 says:

    how does this offend you? i see nothing racist about it 🙁 its just a gathering of people singing. its not meant to be native american style. its mostly pagans/wiccans. im sorry your offended but this is more hippy then native american if you want to place it in a certain catagory. sorry your offended

  • priestunes says:

    Whites used to live in forests: Celts, Germanic tribes. Nowadays it may look awkward, but all races were native or else they wouldn’t be here now.

  • burnssweetgrass says:

    This is offensive, racist cultural appropriation. STOP IT!

  • Prethenie says:

    What an amazing voice this woman has. I would love a recording of this. Many nice voices, but hers is so incredible. WOW! Love…..:)

  • psychedelichippyfish says:

    i luh it :]

  • PrivetSarcasm says:

    Ah…..I heard a recording of this very same song on a Rainbow brother’s site…..LOVE IT! Still waiting to find some Rainbows.

  • Vilaven says:

    I think this is very, very neat but white people do look very out of place in this kind of clothing, I feel. They just act so white lol But I do appreciate this, I worship a Rainbow Goddess. It still feels a little awkward.

  • thomas242007 says:

    yeah i know what you mean, not much good like this in tulsa oklahoma, seems to be a bunch of ungrateful jerks live here, im tired of them would love to get in contact with people like this!!

  • thomas242007 says:

    yeah i would love to go to one, but cant find any groups like this in tulsa oklahoma, any ideas where i can attend a meeting?

    i beleive in prety much all the same stuff, respecting the forest, and earth, loving one another and such, trying to get the hippy movment started again but kinda hard if there are no meetings near by that i can get to, so any ideas???

  • MissSudie says:

    Her voice reminds me of Stevie Nicks in some way……

  • Ahatmose says:

    Just when I think there is no good left in the world I discover “Rainbows”.

    For this and the music I thank so very, very much !

    I shall be on these pages for a while.

    Awesome collection and again thanks very, very, very much

    Don Barone
    Southern Ontario

    Don Barone

  • SjpielseWolf says:

    hahahaha this is so awesome!! 😀 ‘So much love energy lol, with only 1 sentence :-P….. Thanks for posting this *HUG* hahaha … Brilliant!!

  • sandiaru says:


  • feoinfunroe says:

    hello dark! From the warrior of Light. You are such a comfort to me, Beautiful Daughter.

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