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• Sex Majik Protection spell

Protection spell

Make sure there is enough space in the room and that the floor has some padding on it.

Clear area by doing banishing and then performing the mass for couples Liber XVI modified in the following ways. Or they should come together in a manner of their choosing.

For the Mass (if you have to ask your not ready) there should be a altar beside the priest and priestess to hold the assorted implements.

No robes are to be worn.

Banishment should be done together.

There should be two cakes of light and two goblets of wine.

The priest should use his athame as a substitute for the lance since they will be in close quarters.

When the priestess runs her hand up and down the lance, she should do this to the priests’ penis.

To... Keep Silent............

After the consecration of the priest and priestess and the consecration of the cakes of light they both should kneel facing each other, the priestess should slide partly up the priests lap bringing her vagina close to his penis there should be no penetration at this time but her vagina lips should rub against his shaft. In this position, they should consume the communion. After the consumption of the communion by the priest, the priestess should then consume hers. (the priest and priestess should now make eye contact and hold it then the priest should place his hands on her sides just above her hips) When the priestess places her glass to the side she should then rise up on her knees and then move forward enough so as to be over the priests penis and she should come down upon his shaft for a slow penetration. (if possible the penetration should be done without the guidance of a hand and while maintaining eye contact) Upon completion of penetration to a depth that is comfortable for her, they should embrace but maintain eye contact and they then say together “there is no part of us that is not of the gods so mote it be.”

Now that the couple is connected together and locked eye to eye to each other, they should spend a few minutes allowing the energy produced by the mass to build higher and flow between them.

While the energy is building, the couple is to visualize a barrier of white light surrounding them and then moving outward in a bubble to a distance of about five feet in all directions from the couple.

Once the couple is in this bubble, they then begin small movement of stimulation of each other, she moves slightly up and down his penis or flexes her vaginal muscles, he should be flexing his pubic muscles thus causing his penis to move, and while at the same time he should be stimulating her clitoris with his hand.

After the stimulation has begun, the following is said.

She says, “from my body to yours flows energy.”

He says, “from my body to yours it continues the circle.”

This should be repeated a few times to get the energy flowing inside the bubble.

She says, “my love to protect you.”

He says, “my love to protect you.”

Together they say, ” our love to provide and protect us in times of need. When there is time of need draw upon this circle of light and let our love flow forth.”

They should now continue until orgasm while focusing on directing the energy into the circle of protection for use at a later date as may be needed by either of them for protection from stress overload.

After they reach orgasm, they should maintain the connection and allow the energy to circulate until it is fully stored into the bubble created that can be drawn upon later.

——this section should be discussed in advance—–

The sexual fluids created from this union will be extremely charged and should not be allowed to simply flow away. The couple should either collect the fluids and use them for their own personal cakes of light in the future, or collect the fluids and use for the consecration of an amulet (collection of fluids can be done with one of the chalices from the communion or an equivalent container). Alternatively, the recommended thing to do is for the couple to move into a sixty-nine position with her on top and they should capture the fluids in their mouths (thus bringing any excess energy back into them selves) continuing this until each is satisfied. When they both are satisfied, they should move into a cuddle position and hold each other until they both come back to earth.

This ritual will provide protection during times of high stress to either of them all they need to do is draw the circle around themselves in a quiet room.



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