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Vision Quests what are they and why should you care.

A Vision quest is something you do at a time in your life when you really need a perspective on how and where to go with your life. Not everyone in life need or is ready for a vision quest since a vision quest is such a powerful experience you need to be in a place in life where it will be of benefit to you.

Yes, anyone can go on a Vision Quest they are not reserved for a select few but only a select few are ever called to a vision quest. You will know in your life when and if you are called to a vision quest. Make no mistake if it is supposed to happen it will and if not it won’t. You may also do more than one vision quest in life and again it will happen when it is time no sooner no later.

I had my first Vision Quest in 1997 during the Summer Solstice although there where several times in the weeks preceding the quest that I thought it would not happen. My life was in turmoil at the time and many things seemed to be going wrong. Up until the day before I was to leave on the quest many things seemed to distract from my going. Then on the day before I was to leave all of a sudden everything cleared up and I was free to go on the quest.

My Vision Quest was for a two-day period from June 20 to June 22 with the key day being June 21 the Solstice. That night which is the shortest night of the year was the longest night of my life.

Preparing for a Vision Quest is something that must be done properly all the preparations are made to prepare the mind and body for the messages that it will receive. You will receive many messages during your quest the best thing to do is to have a journal with you that you can write into so you can look back on it and reflect on the messages. It is important that you begin a fast 24hrs in advance of leaving for your quest and that you maintain the fast throughout your quest. To keep your strength up learn something about herbs and teas and prepare yourself some herbal teas for the journey.

You will need a place to perform your quest that place will be something special and you will know it when you are there. My first quest took place in a river valley. My second is expected to take place on a hilltop this location has yet to be discovered but when I do I will know it is time for the next quest.

Once you find your area remember to get permission from the guardians of the land (also if it is private property talk to the owner), once you have obtained the permission of the guardians you need to make the proper offerings to them. If you are welcome to the land a guardian spirit who will protect you during the vulnerable times of the quest will meet you on the day of your quest as you enter it.

You will be led to the place of your quest if you allow them to lead you. This is a place you will keep to yourself and a few close friends in life, for it is a very sacred place and will inhabit your dreams for years to come. When you are at your place set your shelter if the weather requires it, be sure that it is not large enough to be comfortable in but large enough to keep off the worst of the elements. Prepare your fire and some tea and simply relax and allow what is to happen to happen.

If you have made all the proper preparations and the Quest was meant to happen you will emerge from it a person forever changed. What type of change only you will know for sure but it will have a dramatic effect on the rest of your life.

Now why do I recommend the Solstice for a Vision Quest well, it does not have to be the Solstice in particular but it should be either the Summer Solstice or the Winter Solstice? The reason for this is that in the times of the most imbalance in the world which is what the Solstices are when we are at the extremes of both day and night is when the spirit worlds are most accessible. This is the goal of a Quest to step into the spirit world and learn a lesson that we have long needed to learn.

Remember when you are done to leave the area of your quest in the same manner you found it leaving no trace except your footprints behind. Give thanks to the spirits of the land if you need an offering one of the most scared offerings you can give is an offering of tobacco. If you can find fresh cut leaf, it is best but just about any tobacco will do.

If you have further questions please contact me and I’ll answer as best I can.


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