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Question by I am You: Did you know Christians participate to this day in Ancient Sacrificial rites?
Another common Christian practice known as communion is pagan in origin.

The Communion Host
In my Church growing up it was done by going up to the front of the Church the pastor would say Jesus said “take and eat for this is my body given for you” and then we would have a small plastic communion sized cup of wine or grape juice then the pastor would say when they finished he turned to his diciples and said. “drink for this is my blood that was shed for you”. This was taken from early pagan sacrificial rites.

Christian writer, Father Acosta. Mr. Marolles, in his Memoirs (p. 215) “The pagan appeased the divinity with holy bread.”

Tibullus, in a panegyric on Marcella, wrote, “A little cake, a little morsel of bread, appeased the divinities.”

The ancient Brahmins had a kind of Eucharist called “prajadam.” “after sacrificing a lamb, mingled his blood with flour, and distributed it among the people.”

Writers on Grecian mythology relate that Ceres, the goddess of corn, gave her flesh to eat, and that Bacchus, the God of wine, gave blood to drink.

Many pagan religions to this day use small communion host like cakes in their rites.

Remember Jesus was considered a living sacrifice to attone for humanities sin so if you take part in communion you are taking part in a modern rip off of ancient rituals where sacrifices were sometimes preformed.

Best answer:

Answer by H S
What bearing does this obscure historical stuff have on what Christians understand communion to be? We know that many religious rites and festivals have pagan origins … so what? We give them a new meaning in Christ.

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5 Responses to Q&A: Did you know Christians participate to this day in Ancient Sacrificial rites?

  • Fah King Genius says:

    and cannibalism….. grow up, retard

  • supertop says:

    Wrong. Jesus instituted the sacrament. It is not like the way the Brahmans did it.

  • thesandman says:

    bro the difference is that Jesus used symbolism in communion. pagan gods demanded actual blood and flesh. and note that pagan gods demanded this while Jesus offer of communion is asked.

  • Rupert The English South African says:

    You are very confused. I wish Americans wouldn’t all go off and start their own so called sects and confuse everyone.

    The pagans gave sacrifice to appease their heathen gods. God makes a sacrifice for us, his children. Completely unrelated.

  • lisa_loves_Him says:

    Mithraism. Another pagan practice turned christian.

    The trinity is another pagan practice, making a bunch of different lesser gods into a godhead.

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