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This video shows off spells 1 through 20 from the TES: Oblivion Mod – Midas Magic Spells of Aurum.
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10 Responses to Midas Magic Spell Guide: #1 – 20

  • dante85721 says:

    kann mir jemand sagn wie ich bei der astral reich weiter kom ich muss da doch irgentwas aktiviern weis aber nich was wer sehr nett wenn mir einer helfen könte
    ich bin bei der noch ganz am anfang

  • gmanleader0 says:

    @thecatspeaker Anti magic field seems pretty obvious though 😛
    it drains the willpower from anyone stepping into the field, the anti magic missile does the same thing only it does it drains the willpower of the person you hit it with.

  • deviaan says:

    Not even the astral plane is free from Dark Brotherhood eyes.

  • ssjGaara says:

    where u get scythe 0.o

  • thecatspeaker says:

    @xdisturbedRiotx What does anti-magic field do?

  • jaknife99 says:

    what exactly is the first astral spell for just to isolate one enemy into some kind of dimension and fight one on one?

    I like the mark and recall that would be useful wish i had PC, darn “no glitching” xbox…

  • xilverbulet says:

    @xdisturbedRiotx BTW, you can use the audioswap feature here to change the music.

  • xilverbulet says:

    @xdisturbedRiotx Not at all. I appreciate it.

  • xdisturbedRiotx says:

    Yeah no problem.The video seems kinda boring without the music to listen to, but I’ll take what I can get. So you don’t mind if I continue my spell guide and post more vids of midas magic?

  • xilverbulet says:

    Thanks for showing the spells. too bad about the audio.

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