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A traditional Witch’s Spell Bottle is crafted for Protection however I use this concept and craft Spell Bottles for many other reasons. This is an instructional video for crafting a Love and Happiness Spell Bottle I did for a friend. I hope you enjoy it. Blessed Be!

25 Responses to Crafting A Witch’s Spell Bottle For Love and Happiness

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @IfYouSeekHaleigh No need to explain. I hope you enjoyed watching. =)

  • IfYouSeekHaleigh says:

    I wish I had access to these ingredients. while I was watching the video, all of a sudden I could smell them as if they were right in front of my face. it was surprising. I can’t explain it.

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @jazziejay0918 Why would you want to break this love spell? This love spell is for self love and unconditional love. This particular spell was crafter for a friend of mine and she wouldn’t want to break it.

  • jazziejay0918 says:

    how do you break this love bottle spell???? please help

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @Helenhealer Thank you for watching, Helen. The compliment means much to me coming from a wonderful individual and insightful person such as yourself.

    Many blessings of abundance to you!

  • Helenhealer says:

    Blessings and love xxxx Beautiful video! Thank you so much! xxxxxx

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @lynnvryett I have a blog over there as well so I followed you. =)

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @lynnvryett Oh, yes please!

  • lynnvryett says:


    By the way, I put this video featured on one of my blog entries! If you are interested I can PM you the link to it if you’re interested 🙂

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @lynnvryett Thank you!

  • lynnvryett says:

    Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks SO much, I’m a bottle collector so now it’s so much easier to come up with ideas of what to do with them!!

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @SerenityRayyne Thank you!

  • SerenityRayyne says:

    I love this! This is GREAT *:)

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @MoonlitOpal You are a GENIUS! I did think of that however since I did read Playing cards once upon a time and because for me they still FEEL like cards I included them. But that doesn’t mean you are not a genius. I personally think you are. =)

  • MoonlitOpal says:

    OOOOO!! I have an idea!! What if you found PRINT OUTS of the Tarot Cards you wanted to use! You could put THOSE in the bottles!! (Omg.. I think I’m a genius).

    <3 )O( Blessings!!!

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @NaturesFairy Thank you.

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @BlackcatNZ Oh, thank you very much.

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @zenhacker It is the same spell I say when I seal the bottle in this case it is: Love and light shall come to thee, through Vesta, Isis, Aphrodite, she who holds this bottle be, blessed with love and harmony. This is my will so mote it be.

  • zenhacker says:

    what is the spell you whisper into the bottle?

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @janusfiresong16 Runes? I haven’t spent much time with them myself. They don’t call to me. I think they’re great but I just don’t resonate with them. =(

  • janusfiresong16 says:

    OOo thats pretty. Heres an idea though. You should do a video on runes. I’ve been trying to learn those for a while, but I just can’t figure it out lol. Blessings! )O(

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @michikobll I will come up with some other ideas. I need to collect the materials to fill the bottle. Actually … I just thought of one!!!

  • michikobll says:

    I absolutely lovee the crafting bottle videos! beautiful! Please do more 🙂

  • 412mystic says:

    nicely done 🙂 very soothing and full of love

  • momcalzmesheri says:

    @ScenicWitch Thank you for watching. =D

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