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7 Magic Steps to Get a Boyfriend With Online Dating

Step 1:

When you create an online dating profile, you’re creating an advertisement for yourself. You need to get inside the heads of the men you’re trying to attract.

One of the best ways to do this is to search for people that you would want to date on a dating site and look at what they’re looking for in a partner. Find 10 profiles of men you like and then highlight what they’re looking for in your profile. For example, if most of the guys you like say that they’re looking for someone with a sense of humor, try to make the descriptions in your profile witty. But, if they all like blondes, you don’t need to color your hair.

Step 2:

Most importantly, make sure you have a great picture. This picture should be sexy to attract a man. This is not a picture that you would send to a girlfriend, and your main picture should be a headshot. In the beginning, guys are all about looks. Remember, you’re marketing yourself, and you have to look attractive to a man.

It’s also a good idea to post around 4 or 5 supplemental pictures. These pictures should show different activities that you do, like you in a yoga outfit or you golfing. It’s good to have one picture of you in jeans and a cute top, one of you in formal wear and one of you with friends or family. This will show guys that you have a life. If you don’t have good pictures, take them because good pictures are crucial.

Step 3:

You should make yourself look better than you really are in your profile by accentuating your best traits. You have to be careful to not be too arrogant and not be too humble simultaneously. A good way to tell people about yourself is to list your accomplishments and then mention something that you either aren’t good

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