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How To Make It Big Resolving Disputes
Everything You Need To Know To Make Real Money In The Alternative Dispute Resolution Profession
How To Make It Big Resolving Disputes

Black Magic Wrecks Love Romance How to Handle Dark Magic Energy

Article by Jim Cassa

Here we talk about how Black Magic Wrecks Love Romance How to Handle Dark Energy. When I am asked what is dark negative energy, as in hex spell and curse, I reply it is something very nasty indeed!

Spellcasters and the magician delight in casing trouble. This question is asked a lot in a psychic reading What is it ? If you experience a lot of bad luck out of the ordinary and have profound amounts of negative energy around you then black magic spells are a strong possibility.

But here is the good news. If you are suffering from spellcasters, dark magicians, and lots of negative energy there is something you can do about it. If you want to know more then read on!

How does one remove black magic hexes when suffering from some kind of psychic attack? What we need at this point is to increase our understanding of what is going on and look at the broad strokes first.

It is from this general outline that we gain what is called understanding about white and black magic and what we can do about it. The purpose of any kind of black magic attack is to take away your life force.

When this happens you lose positive energy and there is a lot of bad luck around you. It is a downhill spiral. If the aim of black magic is to take away life force then the solution to the problem is to increase your life force and as you do this you find the negative energy around you begins to melt.

The truth about Black Magic is that it is very simple to understand. All it is in plain terms is a very concentrated from of negative energy. It has a purpose to destroy its target and to create stagnation and loss.

It is easy to be scared but if we want long lasting results we must base our solutions upon truth since only truth will stand the test of time and bring us lasting long term results. If we know what we are doing and how to gradually and surely increase our positive energy the black energy begins to melt. The black magic is history!

Yes a spell and hex is sinister and designed to rob you of your precious energy. The less life force you have the more it likes it. Your loss in life is the delight of dark energy. It comes up in psychic readings a lot and is more common than you can imagine.

We at least you are not alone and there are others suffering from the effects of dark energy in the same boat! The first step in and kind of strong psychic attack is to identify it and to understand it. Then you can take the next steps to remove it permanently.

You can feel if something is wrong out of the ordinary. The more we listen to our feelings the more empowered we become. It pays to take care of your energy as this is one sure way to melt and diminish any kind of black spell.

More on Black Magic Wrecks Love Romance How to Handle black magic Energy. Begin to listen to your intuition more and it will guide you to safe pathways. What upsets me is that the evil eye dark energy can upset and scare others. Feelings of fear and anger only feed the flame of negative energy and make the black magic stronger. What we need more of is peace and calm and to remain centered.

Simply know that you can do something positive about negative energy and do it now. A real accurate genuine psychic reading on your energy in general reveals much about your down to earth situation in life. It is the first step to being empowered.

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22 Responses to Why I use Black Magic

  • sheenafly says:

    @Rachelishes Well if you ask a spirit to do bad things? for u, there going to want something in return.

  • TheMoonliteshadow says:

    your accent is so darn cool :D?

  • VampireLord66 says:

    Btw I have a powerful? Curse Reversal and Purification ritual with some things I added that can be of use to your aunt if you like. Pm me about it.

  • VampireLord66 says:

    Well to me there are two types of Dark Magick the regular kind which can be good and the Infernal typr which is usually reffered to as black magick. I wouldnt? call it black magick unless you either worship a malevolant deity or use magick for evil. Are you a Bokur or a Mambo?

  • StokesDaddy says:

    you? a Palero Spiritree?

  • Rachelishes says:

    But doesn’t black magic involve bad sprits and things. Is it not evil. Also what do you think about doing love? spells or spells to get back at an ex. Is it bad.

  • TheCarvingman says:

    MMMmmmhh you look? good, you make me hot =-P

  • mainenurse22 says:

    pls. teach me a black magic to give lesson to someone bullying me ( all throughout? my life for 20 years )and one of my niece….pls. thank you

  • KenMinaj45 says:

    i know thats rite the white magic cnt help? me

  • peekaboots01 says:

    I like your hair. Natural hair looks much better than? wigs. 🙂

  • Onecreativeword says:

    i love your hair? 🙂

  • MagicalOillusions says:

    @echshe i think? i got the same thing

  • echshe says:

    Yup! I hear yah, I have been under the “evil eye” for years and don’t think I will ever get rid? of it! 🙁

  • iheartutube1231 says:

    Ive used every white? magic spell, u inspired me to use black magic on my bully, thanx 🙂 lol….i only used one death hex…only 1 black magic spell…im gonna make it stay that way. GO WHITE!!! (lol that sounded racist XD).

  • hatorisa says:

    What comes around goes around…

    Very interesting points. Nice video! And trust me your hair is fine. You don’t want to? see my bad hair days. LOL

  • AlexRaveloTV says:

    Those little pixie ”spirits” are DEMONS,im not into all that stupid christian or catholic or jewish or any religeon whatsoever kind of thing but i know what demons are? ive seen encounters face to face and if u have too the ”spirits” probably told you they werent demons but dont write a reply aabout how godly i am just make sure you stay away from the spirits they decive you

  • deathb4dishonor45 says:

    exodus 22 vs 18? and Deuteronomy 18 and 10-12 go read it then tell me

  • deathb4dishonor45 says:

    exodus 22 vs 18 and Deuteronomy 18 and 10-12 go? read it then tell me

  • Scooda912 says:

    I dnt believe? none of this shit show a video of some actual “black magic”

  • WonderWomanFan4life says:

    actually i liked your hair i thought it was just? a style .. i see women here in LA who rock that look. very natural. better than perming and damaging your hair follicles

  • sezums says:

    Its true you can be minding your own business and someone wants to see you go down for there own insecurity. As much as u can send ur love to heal the situation they won’t stop attacking. We’re only human so when a child is naughty u teach them not to? do it again right? U ground them-I don’t c a problem protecting yourself X

  • sezums says:

    @spiritree I’m not into a religion but most spiritual. I’m under psychic attack by a close member. It frustrates me as all I do is send love as for peace but no joy. I believe faith keeps me through but there jealousy is beyond my comprehension. They’re bad it’s ruined everything.? Thank u 4 an open view on ur belief. Are you psychic too? Love X

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