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Question by luzy: What is the symbolic meaning of a shark tooth?
Does anyone know the meaning of carrying or using a shark tooth? Did shamans use it in the past? Medicine men? Aboriginals? Or how about the native people of Hawaii? Please tell me anything you know about the historic, cultural and symbolic meaning of the shark tooth!

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Answer by Peaches
The shark tooth necklace has long been espoused as a symbol of male strength, potency and a proud display of masculinity. Such necklaces first came to prominence during the 1970’s, a time often remembered for brave and often unsuccessful fashion choices. I’m thinking someone along the lines of Tom Selleck would have been a wearer of the shark tooth necklace back in the day, in all his hairy-chested, full mustache glory. Aside from the appeal that shark tooth necklaces have always held in surfer culture, the shark tooth necklace is currently enjoying a resurgence amongst men. Often such situations can be viewed as being a case of for better or for worse, but in this case the rise in popularity of the shark tooth necklace is most definitely for the worst.

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3 Responses to What is the symbolic meaning of a shark tooth?

  • Shadowgirl777 says:

    I’ve been told that petrified shark’s teeth are supposed to bring good fortune when carried in a pocket. Also, anyone who’s been bitten that survives should wear one to stave off any further attacks. Hope this helps.

  • Toxic rose is a basket case says:

    To me its a warning.

  • Brent C says:

    warrior’s would us these for medals as a sign of strength. Warriors would also make weapons made from wood and shark teeth that looked much like a saw blade.

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