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Question by Miichael: What is the best book on Tarot for Study and Divination?
I want to study the tarot in a profound way. Guide me!

Best answer:

Answer by little squee
idiots guide to tarot cards.

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6 Responses to What is the best book on Tarot for Study and Divination?

  • Insurrection Rebel says:

    Their may be a section on in in Mel Gibsons new book . Now to win hearts & infulence the Jewish people .

  • Mariah says:

    Well, if you’re actually using the tarot, the best way to read them is to read them instinctively rather than studying the meaning from a book. But if you’re completely lost to the symbolism, getting s book on symbolism actually helped me more then the translation book that came with my desk…

  • anatketani says:

    There’s a great book called Spiritual Tarot. It’s kind of old but has fantastic insights into the cards. I suggest reading it through and then taking each card and seeing what it means to YOU. Because a book can give you good information but really, the cards will mean more to you if you take the time to understand what they mean to you.

  • Sam Block says:

    Carl Jung’s psychology makes fascinating use of the Tarot’s archetypes. Try picking up “Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey” by Sallie Nichols.

    Also, try picking up a book on how the Qabala relates to the Tarot, since a lot of Hermeticists relate the two very closely.

  • vid says:

    Well, Mary K. Greer has many good books out there. Also, if you are new to Tarot I suggest the book “Power Tarot” because it puts the definitions of the cards in different categories (i.e. romance, work, finances, etc.). This book was written by both Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega. There are a lot of good books out there, but sadly there are some really bad books as well. I suggest Mary K. Greer and the “Power Tarot” book for starting out. You could even buy them used from different websites so you don’t have to may the full price and then you can see if they are books that you like.

  • SadharaSatguru says:


    I run tarot courses & have tarot ebooks based on the course >

    78 Degrees of Wisdom, books 1 & 2 by Rachel Pollock are also wonderful.


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