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What Are Pagans?

There are almost as many denominations to Paganism as there are to Christianity. Within Paganism, there are a large variety of beliefs, dieties, and concepts. However, we (much like Christianity) have certain core values and beliefs that are central to paganism. Some of our core beliefs include:

Respect For Nature
A Belief in Harming None (including both yourself and others!)
Belief in Deity or Deities (differs depending on denomination)
Mutual Respect for All Life
A Belief in “Magick”

While some pagans believe in only one Goddess, and one God, others may believe in ONLY a Goddess, or ONLY a God, or MANY different Gods and Goddesses. Also, some pagan paths are more centered on working “Magick” (the ability to make things happen using willpower and nature) than others. Generally speaking, pagans of all denominations are kind, caring individuals that believe that it is wrong to harm any living creature (including plants!). We believe in the law of three…which tells us that whatever actions we do to others, will be brought back upon us threefold. So if we do something bad to someone else, it will come back to us three times as bad.

Pagans are very earth-concious, and live in harmony with nature. They see nature as a living being, and want to treat her with kindness and respect. Pagans also come from all walks of life…there are rich pagans, poor pagans, black pagans, white pagans, indian pagans, old pagans, young pagans…you get the idea! In fact you have probably met many pagans on the street and didn’t know they were pagan! Most pagans do not actively show their religion, for fear of being outcast or ridiculed by friends or family. Some pagans even lose their jobs, or worse, just by admitting that they are

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