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pagan history
by Koshyk

The History and Origin of Christmas

The origin of Christmas stemmed from pagan festivals like the popular Roman Saturnalia, which celebrated Winter Solstice.

In the early pre-Christian era, winter celebrations were very popular and followed pagan rituals. Paganism in Europe celebrated light and the darkest days of winter, the Winter Solstice.

What is Paganism?

Paganism describes the ancient and modern religions which identify Nature as the body of the Divine. Pagans often speak of many Gods and Goddesses. Paganism refers to the religions of ancient Greece and Rome and the surrounding areas.

Early Europeans marked the year’s longest night — Winter solstice – to celebrate the worst of the winter being behind them as they look ahead to longer days and extended hours of sunlight. During this celebration, they slaughtered livestock that could not be kept through the winter and feasted from late December through January. German pagans honored Oden, a frightening god who flew over settlements at night, blessing some people and cursing others. The Norse in Scandinavia celebrated Yule tide, with families burning a giant log and feasting on it until it turned to ash. Sound like today’s Christmas? You Bet!

Nowhere in the New Testament do we see Jesus’ disciples observing His birthday. Jesus wasn’t born on December 25th. The apostles did not honor pagan rituals, and accordingly, preached to other Christians to avoid the pagan rituals. As a result, the early Christians didn’t observe Jesus’ birthday.

No one knows the birth date of Jesus, or even what year. Jesus, according to many historians was born in the springtime. The origin of Christmas took place in 336 AD. Pope Julius

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