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Tiffany talks about her experience with Tarot, a little history on it and then moves to speaking about her filming A&E’s new show Psychic Kids and talks about other upcoming events!

25 Responses to Tiff talks Tarot, Psychic Kids & upcoming events!

  • Chirno9Icefall says:

    What reason is there to believe that ‘psychic’ abilities exist in absence of evidence?

    I have a feeling that I want to meet those kids someday.. perhaps I can put their alleged abilities to TEST! (Yes I am THAT ambitious)

    From 13, 14 year old Ciera the Great Sceptic and paranormal Debunker/Investigator and Scientific Literate who will shun pseudoscience and scientific illiteracy at all costs by means of Icicle Falls!

  • Chirno9Icefall says:

    Tarot was made for card games!!! When will the mainstream media wake up to this truth!!?!?

    ‘Psychic kids’ LOL, have the persons who watch that show thought about the possibility that the subjects of the show, the ‘psychic kids’, may actually have schizophrenia or some similar mental illness?

    If they are genuinely psychic then I would like to see their abilites properly tested under scientific double-blind protocols.

    If they fail then I might as well just shout out, « HA HA HA !!! »

  • Chirno9Icefall says:

    Tarockspieler and Tarot4games have told the truth here! Thanks to them! The Tarot was used for card games long before the first connections between it and the occult!

  • EmilBlueLime says:

    I hurd that the people on that show treat the Psychic children with no respect like there some sort of freak and try to scare them. If thats true witch I know it is becouse Sylvia Browne said that and I believe in her ability dont even watch the show anymore out of respect for the children.

  • tarot4games says:

    Tarot was made for card games, not for divination!

  • Tarockspieler says:

    the standard playing card deck does not derive from tarot. Tarot was created by adding extra cards to what was then the standard deck and the cards were originally intended to play a game which is still played today in Europe.

  • cammygurl97 says:

    one of my favorite shows are phycic kids. i have lived in two haunteed houses.

  • MandaLay19 says:

    I can relate. I am a empath. I also can see auras.

  • sajfen says:

    you should seek some professional help

  • mawu909 says:

    I can see auras its pretty cool! im 15 and i am a psychic child i have been since i was like 4 it can be pretty draining and stressful sumtimes.I can pick up on a persons energy,feelings and if i concentrate enough i can pick up on a persons thoughts to so sumtimes i dont no if wat im feeling is my feelings or not……its weird and i can also hear and see stuff tht ppl cant hear and i can see ghosts thts weird to

  • jamesbrownintown says:

    hey, you forgot palm reading, thats the best form of divination there is.

  • broadwaybound4eva says:

    Yea! I saw that episode last night. I spent this entire video wondering why she looked so familiar. 🙂

  • shaina87 says:

    aura’s are sooo interesting to me. i wish i had the ability to see peoples aura’s and to be able to help them.

  • logansGT says:

    I love you too, Witchie (*_~)

  • YoungWitch says:


    I love you! xD

    Yeah NCICOK, you’re such a hypocrite!

  • repelghosts says:

    She is full of shit, but the beautiful children are not.

  • NCICOK says:

    Grow up!

  • logansGT says:

    NCICOCK – Don’t forget to cash your Social Security check….or do you have direct deposit, you old fart!

  • logansGT says:

    NCICOCK – Don’t forget to cash your Social Security check…..or do you have direct deposit, you old fart!

  • NCICOK says:

    go home to mama!

  • logansGT says:

    No, NCICOCK, you deranged psychotic bastard.

    Saying that Tiff is “full of crap and evil” makes YOU a dirty-mouthed punk!

  • NCICOK says:

    Go away dirty mouthed punk!

  • logansGT says:

    Fulgarity, NCICOK? Is that anything like vulgarity?

    Btw, I was holding back. I could have called you an ignorant, primive assHOLE!

  • NCICOK says:

    Tiffany better wake up to these evils…

  • NCICOK says:

    You are uneducated and ignorant of this type of activity. This is evil stuff and you play right into it, as shown by your nasty comments of fulgarity.

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