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The Metaphysical Properties of Lapis Lazuli: One of the True Birthstones of Sagittarius Astrology (November 23 ? December 20)

Sagittarius: The Adventurer Searching for Deeper Meaning in Life

Sagittarius is a masculine fire sign ruled by Jupiter. It rules the 9th House, the Higher Mind & the Search for Meaning.

Jupiter is associated with long-distance travel, both physically and through expansion of our mind, spirit, and how we live a meaningful life. This influence of Jupiter is seen in Sagittarians’ love of world travel as well as religion, politics, and philosophy.

Sagittarians are Well Liked People

It’s hard not to like Sagittarians, for their openness, generosity, and sociable nature. They are deep thinkers in search of universal wisdom, attracting them to philosophy and religion. Their minds can grasp both the details and the bigger picture: they can think with intellectual precision but also intuitively. That unusual combination of thinking skills allows them to be at the forefront of creative ideas.

They are idealistic and care about the state of the world, leading them to take up vocations in medicine, education, religion, and politics. They need to be highly independent in their work and in their personal lives. They love to travel to widen their horizon and they are fascinated by other cultures.

Sagittarians are blessed to live active, successful lives. Everything about them is expansive: their outgoing personalities, good fortune, sense of humor, optimism, leadership qualities, sense of adventure, and constant quest for knowledge. They love their freedom and independence. They are the ultimate high-energy free spirits—a true fire sign. They easily inspire and motivate others.

The main challenge for Sagittarians is to focus on their

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