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Question by moori g: Tarot..!!!!!?
what do you know about Tarot, and the way to play it, and if it’s real or not??

any way i love Tarot..^_^

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Answer by classicchanel7
you mix up the cards. and pick one.. thats all..

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4 Responses to Tarot..!!!!!?

  • Laughing Libra says:

    I do the Tarot, but I’m not a natural at it and have to use books. However, the cards always are on point.

    I go back and forth with whether I just want to trust life without guidance and just be an Atheist or to use the tools.

    At my heart I’m a Pagan.

  • Crackers says:
  • KC_Killer says:

    you don’t really “play” tarot…….it’s a form of divination for me….and I read for family & friends when they need direction (usually about making a decision)

  • Pam R says:

    Hello Moori

    The tarot is an ancient means of divination ~ looking into the future.

    You do not ‘play’ the tarot you consult them, meditate upon them & build a relationship with them to gain insight, wisdom & from that you can grow & develop.

    A deck has 78 cards – 22 called the Major Arcana & 56 Minor Arcana. The major are archityple images & the minor are divided into 4 suits.

    The tarot are a tool into the subconsious & the images are designed to interact at such a level, they are a stepping stone into your intuition.

    You consult the tarot by laying them in a ‘spread’ which gives the cards layed set positions or you can take a single card & meditate on it.

    You can read the tarot in 3 ways
    ~ As a tarologist ~ the cards literal/traditional meanings only
    ~ Intuitivly ~ as above, but intuition is followed first.
    ~ Psychically ~ using the card simply as a tool to open the self to spirit.

    In Peace


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