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learn tarot
by ukslim

The Joy of Learning Tarot

After decades of being regarded as part of dubious occult practices, Tarot is now becoming more mainstream and available for everyone to experience and learn. Decks and books are widely available from most bookstores, New Age shops and on the internet. Numerous websites offer information on Tarot and message boards, where like-minded people can meet and exchange ideas. It has never been easier to learn the Tarot.

If you are interested in learning the Tarot, you can rest assured that you do not need to be ‘psychic’ or possess a ‘special gift’ to be able to read the cards. All you need is the enthusiasm and perseverance to keep practicing. Your skills and knowledge will be reflected in the efforts you put into your studies.

Before you start, however, consider why you want to learn the Tarot. Most people at first are interested in the fortune-telling aspect of Tarot, as the ability to predict the future offers excitement and perhaps even a feeling of power over those, who ask you for a reading. You need to be aware though that the Tarot cannot make any predictions, as the future is not pre-determined. However, it is possible to establish future possibilities or a trend by analyzing a situation’s past and present.

Most of all, the Tarot offers a tremendous potential to better understand yourself. By examining problems or issues with the cards, a more informed decision can be made on how to proceed. Learning the Tarot to get to know yourself is a rewarding and enlightening experience.

The beginner soon realizes that learning the cards can be a daunting task. Memorizing the many different meanings of 78 cards doesn’t seem to be an easy undertaking.

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