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Question by Ms. Pirate: Tarot reading?
I had a Tarot reading earlier and it was scary accurate. I was curious if someone could give me another one. I need some insight regarding my relationship with Jason. My bday is 8/24/1980.

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Answer by phoenixmoon3
Hey, Of coursecourse it’s going to be pretty accurate as you are using YOUR own energy to transmit to the cards you are dealing or being dealt. Everything is energy. REMEMBER THAT. You transmit your energy outwards all the time. Everyone has pychic ability, its just something you must aknowledge and tap into. Ever hear of ” intuition?” thats what your GUT tells you is right or wrong or go this way not that way. Tarot is supposed to be fun and not taken SOO literally as things iin life do happand and life is what happens when you are making plans. The questions asked that you get answerd are to help you if you were to stay ON the path you are asking about 🙂 I love getting readings. It’s fun. Just relax and be open and totally HAVE FUN!
Dangit, i forgot the name of the website i go to you can do readings on I THINK its www.facade .com, but i am not at my own pc. HOWEVER look up Free Tarot Readings in the yahoo search and that should come up. Its a good site with TONS of stuff on it 🙂

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One Response to Tarot reading?

  • keithshearing says:

    Tarot readings, as with clairvoyance, can be accurate.
    However, you must understand, you want the information to be correct.
    Your life and relationships are not set out, in advance, if they were life would be meaning less.
    You live to learn, your relationship with Jason is up you and him.
    No guarantees, no one can tell you are meant for each other.
    Through life you will have many paths you can take, but the decision will always be yours.

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