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Hey guys! Discover the dark islands which holds the secrets to all the magical spells and a den for all the Evils..!! The adventure starts on 3rd December! For more information log on to & also visit our website by logging in to

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18 Responses to The Chronicles Of Narnia – Enter The Dark Island

  • FantasyRawr says:

    I thought Prince? Caspian Loves Susan..?

  • knet1992 says:

    “How do we stop it?”
    “You must break it’s spell!”
    oh really? to stop the evil magic you? have to break the spell?

  • TheJobros99 says:

    0:17? What did Eustace ??? 🙂

  • dayzunderacloud says:

    @TheSmilingdog467? same! i’ve been loving edmund since the first movie came out in 2005 (so like 5 years) lol 🙂 he’s amazing! and handsome! 🙂

  • NarniaBigFan says:

    Where do you find out? his real name?

  • princessyrandom1214 says:

    @xD10059 he went? by jack

  • xD10059 says:

    Hey ppl, did you know that the C.S. in C.S.Lewis’ name (he’s the author of the books? just in case some ppl don’t know) stand for Clive Staples? I would just go by C.S.Lewis too! BTW I LOVEEEE THE MOVIE! IT ROCKS!

  • 80snessEj says:

    @99camilia Yeh I loved it! Tho it depends whether u hav read the books I read dem AGES ago so? I cudn’t rlly remember wat the exact story line was – it does go slightly off track & add in a few extra bits cuz I re-read sum of the book but my mum says all the basic bits r covered & anyway a lot of the book is dialog and dat doesn’t translate well 2 screen & @ the end of the day dey just gotta make a good movie which is what dey did! U wud hav had 2 hav seen the films so far 4 it 2 make sense tho x

  • 99camilia says:

    @80snessEj lool im seeing it? on sunday 4 the first time:P can u tell me if its good:P

  • doremifasol255 says:

    @TheSmilingdog467? me too. XD but i didn’t like the golden pond scene on which edmund fights with caspian.. for me that ruined his character..i like the lion, witch..and prince caspian movies because edmund was like the books! after his redemption he never wanted to be high king and command more than caspian like peter in PC, he changed to be more mature and smart,, the best character of all! in this movie in that stupid scene with his stupid monologue they ruined his character! i am so mad!

  • 80snessEj says:

    I’m seeing this for the second time? on Saturday! 😀

  • nosesmileys says:

    @80snessEj heck yeah!?

  • 80snessEj says:

    Watch the film -? it’s amazing!!!! How did you get this clip?

  • SunshineeSue says:

    it’s amazingg.

  • conversingwmconverse says:

    @Spikecdm? Its really good, you should go watch it, really =)

  • Spikecdm says:

    is the movie good? my cousin’s want 2 see it but? idk…

  • funkychoclatekitten says:

    Scriptwriter: Oh i just can’t think of a good name for this island, it needs to dark, gritty, realistic. It needs to be evil.
    Idiot in corner: I know how? about DARK island
    Scriptwriter: Yeah okay, all the actors over act anyway.

  • taytaygrl22 says:

    @TheSmilingdog467 me 2 im glad in? this movie there are wayy more scenes with him in it!! 😀

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