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The Awareness of Metaphysical Laws and Principles Part 2

Awareness of Self

Most people identify the lower components of their microcosmic being as the Self. This is a misconception that results in suffering and pain in everyday experiences. It also prolongs soul-bondage to matter, to Maya, to the wheel of birth and rebirth. Buddhism, for example, teaches that there is no self in that which is ephemeral, and although exoterically, they deny the existence of a self within man, teachers of Vajrayana Buddhism do assert the existence of what they call “the Clear Light of the Void” which is correlative with the concept of the Self in Hindu Philosophy. This Self is independent of the lower principles within the microcosmic being of man. In Western Esotericism, this Self is called “the Monad,” “the Virgin Spirit,” or “the Divine Spark” issued from the Universal Supreme Being. It is a “fragment” or a facet of the Divine Universal Self, the Universal Being; and as such, it has all the qualities and attributes of its “Parent-Flame.”

The One God is often described in Christian literature as omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. To the Buddhist It is Unborn, Unconditioned, Unlimited and Unformed. It is the Tao, with which Lao Tse knew to be nameless. The Real, Divine Being within is our True Being. It is “man” created in God’s image. In actuality, it is God individualized as man. Man’s Real Self is perpetually attuned with the Divine Mind of the Supreme being and through that attunement, partakes of divine nourishment. Awareness of, and the identification with the Real, with Reality and Truth lies the secret of the Ages related to illumination, life, and power. Conversely, ignorance of man’s true estate is the cause of spiritual death. It is a state of

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