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Question by RaceBannonOwnsChuckNorris: Metaphysics?
Is metaphysics boring? Based on how I’ve heard and read it defined, it sure looks that way to me. I suppose there may be interesting metaphysical questions and statements, but the idea of pondering what reality is, and such, holds very little interest with.

What do you think?
*with me. I thought I put that word in. Oh well.
I read some poetry. How much of it is metaphysical, I can’t say for sure. But I’m not all that interested in studying it to find out.

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Answer by jonmcn49
Metaphysics has been rendered irrelevant for some time, except among the ignorant. We are as sure as scientists ever can be that there is a brute reality outside of human attitudes.” Reality is that which exists outside of our beliefs “.

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11 Responses to Metaphysics?

  • Sloe says:

    Depends on what you’ve really read and considered. Try some poetical works , they tend to be amazing sometimes. The cognition found in a metaphysical state of mind, seeing the Truth, the essence of being – isn;t than exciting?

  • Whistle Britches says:

    I find it to be the Greatest adventure of mankind.,WE are all deeply into this “trip” already, do you choose to continue in your canoe with no paddle or rudder when you could be on A luxury yacht with a qualified captain?? Find yourself a Saint captain that has the power to baptize with spirit an with fire(there are many) and sail on the good ship metaphysics on the ocean of GOD. I have been sailing 30 years and have experienced many things, Boring?? NEVER.

  • leuroth says:

    that’s all being open minded, symbolism, u get a grasp of understanding, instead of reasearching and your brain being short circuit, missing all the parts of human understanding

  • rosieC says:

    As one of the branches of philosophy, metaphysics is interesting. Metaphysics tries to understand the fundamental nature of all reality. Why does anything exists? It attempts to understand what’s beyond physical. It’s the study of being, rather than God, matter or laws of nature.; reality and universe. What is reality? What is the purpose of one’s being, one’s life? How vast is the universe?

    It attempts to discover what undelies everything. In this realm, one would get lost in time travel, psychic reading, tarot readings,numerology, compatibility tests, love quizzes, abstract art galleries. I spent one whole afternoon in art galleries and attempted to decipher the numerous abstract paintings and what messages or imagery the artists try to convey. That’s a very exhilirating experience in itself.

    A synthesis of hyacinths and biscuits”; “musical thought”; the unsayable said” – the ways to define poetry seem unlimited and forever partial. This truly is the inner sanctum of literature. It is the way words sound and move and see their way to meaning that astonishes us; it is the very indefinability of the feelings that distinguishes them from the grosser forms of feeling inspired by television and novels, and that humanizes us; it is the rebirth of faith and the renewal of meaning that poetic feeling can command when the holy word awakens the attentive reader.

    There are those who try to bend poetry to a cause, but if the trick can be performed with the novel or the play, it cannot be done with the poem. Shapely social criticism is not poetry and where poetry does take a social issue as its setting, its real effect must lie elsewhere, in the mysterium of human experience.

    Poetry is “the real thing”, can “blow your mind”, is “where it’s at”, “wants you”, will help you “down cemetery road” , let’s you know “you’re not alone”. Try to distinguish the poet who has “ideas” to impart from the real poet who “loves words.” The classroom reveals two other types: the aspiring poet who never reads any other poems than her own and the one who does.

    One reason to write poetry is to learn how difficult it really is. This insight, and the humility it brings, is worth working hard for. If poetry has the power to move us like no other literary form, then it is not likely an art easily learned. To appreciate poetry is to have a vivid imagination. Taken in this context, you might not find poetry and metaphysics boring at all.

  • Mithra says:

    For me it’s the most fascinating topic ever. Everyone has different tastes and interests but unravelling the mysteries of the universe and hearing the cosmic song has definitely caught my interest. The great part is everytime it feels like something is fitting together a whole new slew of pieces fall into the puzzle. The reflections are endless as are the correspondences. How do we answer the unanswerable if we don’t submerge ourselves in the mysteries along the way?

  • Jaymagiclady says:

    I find metaphysics,quite an interesting subject; along with
    the paranormal,psychic,other worldly topics,talking
    about reality should never be boring, depressing yes,
    boring no!

  • magime says:

    Metaphysics is to relieve you of the pressures in your mind of the material ground, for in fact it is the tool we used to build all the NASA projects, or the uncovering of the great Pyramids, Stonehenge,etc.m even though they were built in physical properties they were built from the metaphysical knowledge they held in their minds. Archeologists consistantly are looking for answers but they use all that pondering to learn what they are looking for, such as the “Iceman” found in Italy not to long ago. Most people equate metaphysics to this paranormal you always hear about but paranormal is real. We have spent Billions in studies in physics to find a parallel galaxy with our species, and in order to get there they need metaphysical knowledge. Like some day you may have a dream and in the morning when you wake up you remember it, and then it comes true in living color. Well that has happened to many people, and it is reality that we do not know everything and that everything is not real because it is material ground. It takes both physical and metaphysical to live in this world and to build this world. That is why the scientists are continuing to prove or disprove that God exists for their are some things in this Universe that man will not ever explain scientifically and that is the size of it and why.

  • whoopteedooper says:

    Metaphysics is a label, really. The branch of philosophy that deals with the existence of things (ontology) and processes (cosmology); the study of being insofar as it is being.

    Ontology can be pretty interesting– the branch of metaphysics that addresses the nature or essential characteristics of existence (wiktionary).

    What are the essential characteristic of existence? Do they depend upon our perceptions or are they objective?

    What is the meaning of your wild and crazy life?

    Yes, these can be interesting questions.

  • -.- says:

    It will put you to sleep if you don’t have a high tolerance.

    It puts me to sleep because the concepts are SO important and interesting, every sentence is a mental breakthrough. I pass out from exhaustion rather than boredom.

    It’s certainly not dead -.- whoever said that needs to read a book from the last 50 years.. retarded positivist parrot.

  • Rajesh says:

    Is Metaphysics boring?
    There is no definition of boring. What is boring to many might be interesting to many others! ‘Boring’ness depends more on the reader than the subject.

    Is it boring for you?
    It could be boring for you. But it is also a probability that what you read so far may not be interesting. I’d suggest read something from the ancient Hindu texts. It contains a lot of interesting (and true) things. Science is only now beginning to understand what the ancient seers knew so well. Make sure it is an original work. Many recent people have written voluminous texts but they have only intellectual understanding.
    May I recommend you some books? Try “Tripura Rahasya” or few others from downloads page. Read a few and let us know.

  • justaname80 says:

    metapsychics is interesting… but it requires a different perspective….

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