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Song: Love’s Not Made For My Kind Band: Tarot Album: Spell of Iron Year: 1986 Genre: Heavy Metal If you like it, rate and comment! Lyrics: There’s been a thousand times Thousand times I’ve wondered Is it a hand of fate That pushes me out into the cold And the ex-friends say That I’ve hidden my feelings too deep Truth is that I’ve got nothing to hide anymore I feel myself weary and old I’ve had more than my share of pain Chorus: Love’s not made for my kind My heart’s turning to stone Love’s not made for my kind Better to leave me alone I’ve been on the edges of unknown I’ve roamed the spaces wild and free I’ve always been on my own I can’t change my ways can’t you see And now the dark is rising And my back’s to the door I think it’s time to give in My legs won’t carry me no more I’ve had more than my share of pain I wonder if I am still sane Chorus: Love’s not made for my kind My heart’s turning to stone Love’s not made for my kind Better to leave me alone
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11 Responses to Tarot : Love’s Not Made For My Kind

  • ShaeAogiri says:

    I love this song. I love Marco Hietala. I don’t care if it’s Tarot, Nightwish, Northern Kings or Delain (Some), he is just a brilliant, sexy viking god of rock, no question!

  • apocriff1 says:

    “Spell of Iron” is one of the best heavy metal albums!

  • Sardarkar says:

    They really do deserve a larger audience. I’ve met two other people that knew about Tarot and they were into Occult Disciplines, just as I am. It’s interesting how like minded people find the same music. We’re just too small a percent of people. Should be more of us out there.

  • defnist47 says:

    They are.. it’s sad but most oldern music is underrated especially now a days. Dio is amazing as well though :]

  • DioHeavyMetal says:

    That’s true.

  • MApArtM says:

    I agree that they are absolutely underrated…
    A shame most people only know Marco as Nightwish’s bassist. But the good thing about it: More people started to learn about Tarot 🙂

  • DioHeavyMetal says:

    I’m glad you think so! Tarot is so underrated.

  • HappyMetal100 says:

    the best metal band forever

  • DioHeavyMetal says:

    I agree.

  • nightwishcoilepica93 says:

    best heavy metal band from finland

  • holysmoke90 says:

    IMO. One of the best old heavy metal bands

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