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/> • Increased addictive behaviors: cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex
• Neglecting your responsibilities

Simple Coping Techniques • Practice relaxation techniques such as yoga, breathwork, meditation
• Reach out to friends, family and relationship partners
• Increase physical activity: walk, hike, dance, ride a bike, exercise
• Take a class that you enjoy
• Join a group that is fun for you
• Go out with friends
• Play
• Sing, write, play an instrument, journal
• Get a massage
• Laugh – Research has shown laughter is the best medicine.

Stress Success Quickies 1. Breathing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to calm the stress response. I call this the Calming Breath. Breathe in to the count of four, Hold for four, Breathe out to the count of four, Hold for the count of four. Take about 10 breaths like this and notice what happens. As you become better at it, you can take and hold longer breaths.

2. After doing the Calming Breath, find a comfortable spot and just imagine a place in nature that feels good for you. Imagine your favorite time of day, notice the landscape, the air, smells and anything else that creates you being in this peaceful environment. Stay there for 5, 10 minutes or longer if possible. It is like a mini vacation. This is a type of imagery or self-hypnosis. When working with a psychotherapist who’s trained in hypnosis, you can do regression work to release the core of your stress on deeper levels.

Some of the more profound healing methods that I find are great for everyone are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Hypnosis, Shamanic processes, Reichian

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