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White Witchcraft vs. Black Witchcraft

There are regularly much discussion within – and without – Wiccan circles on the practice of Magick and its ethical implications. During such discussions the topic of white and black Magick invariably arises. For the uninitiated it may appear that two completely different Magickal arts are addressed and that two completely different groups of practitioners are involved in its practice. This is, in fact, a bit of a fallacy.

Consider a pallet containing oil paints. The white oil paint is simply white, and whilst it contains all other colors, it shows none of the characteristics of other colors. The red oil paint on the palate is simply a primary red. When you paint a pair of lips, you could use just the red or you could mix the red paint into the white paint, to create a brand new color – pink – that possesses some of the characteristics of red. If more red is added than white, the ensuing color will be dark pink. If more white is added than red, the resulting color will be a light or pastel pink.

Magick, like the color white, is neutral. To be neutral, it has to contain both positive and negative without displaying characteristics of either. Performing Magick refers to the act of engaging with certain universal and natural elements to affect a change to other universal and natural elements. To this is added human intent or will.

Human intent or will is like one of the colors on the pallet. It can never be neutral and will subsequently serve to disrupt the neutrality of Magick. If the intent is positive, the neutrality in Magick will swing to the positive side or differently put, be positively charged. If the intent is negative, the Magick performed will swing to the negative side

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