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A video sneak preview of the book that can save your life. Teachings of the Immortals is a grimoire of self-creation that gives you the tools to turn your mortality wrongsideout so as to find the vampyre inside. You are the most powerful being in the universe and you can be anything you want to be. Literally. So… you want to be a vampyre? Here’s the book that can show you how!

The First Key: How To Remove Subconscious Sabotage
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The First Key: How To Remove Subconscious Sabotage

22 Responses to Real Vampires: Teachings of the Immortals

  • immortalanimus says:

    Yes, it is a real book.? Go to the website immortalis-animus . com for more information.

  • thehardlylogical says:

    It’s not a real book, is? it?

  • immortalanimus says:

    @MekhiTV Probably – however, the ultimate end-goal of TEACHINGS OF THE IMMORTALS has nothing to do with “shape-shifting” or trying to gain “special powers.” It is about personal transformation, but much MORE about achieving the immortal condition. I now have a forum where this kind of thing can be discussed in greater depth. w? w w. immortalis-animus. com/forum/index.php

  • MekhiTV says:

    @immortalaminus can you use the methods in the? book to become somethong other than a mermaid like a mermaid or dragon and so on?

  • immortalanimus says:

    @MekhiTV The definition of immortality is difficult to pin down, just as the definition of vampyre is difficult to pin down. Your best best? would be to read the book and then post your questions on my forum at immortalis-animus dot com. Just not enough room here to give you a decent response. I’m glad the video resonated with you. Dark blessings… Mikal

  • MekhiTV says:

    question @immortalanimus when you mean immortal do you mean you actually dont die? and when you say you I- AM a vampire is that just to build up your confidence or is it really reality?
    does this have any relation to sanguarine and physic vampires?. this was a very great video it helped me understand what my meaning of existence is hopefully this is? my calling.

    Please answer my questions i will be most greatfull.

  • immortalanimus says:

    Sure, but keep in mind that it would be a lot easier and more practical to become a transmogrified immortal, which carries with it the ability to shape-shift. There are caveats to this which may be obvious to some, but basically it’s a lot easier to project the form of a dragon than to actually become? one. Plus, do you really want the nasty breath that comes with dragonhood? 🙂

  • immortalanimus says:

    Not exactly. Our bodies may or may not grow old. And we may or may not enjoy it. *winks* There are 3 possibilities for achieving the immortal condition: transformation, transcendence, tansmogrification. To truly understand what that means, I hope you’ll order the book. Thanks for? your comments.

  • mrxbox80 says:

    So ur saying that If I want to be? a dragon, I can be one?

  • ThatsWhatsCrazy says:

    Ok so even though our bodies will grow old, our souls will be immortal? Is that what? this is about? That and basically how to enjoy it?

  • fallbread says:

    beautiful vid?

  • immortalanimus says:

    @xChocoBar48 You start by reading the book. 🙂 The website has lots of excerpts, plus some FAQ? to get you started.

  • immortalanimus says:

    Exactly. :)?

  • HamadaEizan says:

    The most? powerful being in the universe. uni verse. one verse. one word. I AM

  • immortalanimus says:

    The book teaches you HOW to become a vampire… or anything you may want to be. And as the book also says, “Drinking blood won’t make you immortal, and it might make you dead.” Your questions indicate that you are influenced? by the Hollywood idea of what vampires are or aren’t. The reality is a lot different than the fantasy… and a lot better. 🙂

  • MarioFunniez says:

    Ummm…. How do I become a vampire!

    Are you one?

    Do you really drink human blood?

    And how do you survive? in the sunlight?

  • immortalanimus says:

    You’re asking the wrong question. What I am is irrelevant. Who are YOU? When you can answer THAT question, you will have taken the first step toward Becoming who you WANT to be. Look in your own mirror, not in someone else’s, yes? Even if I told you I am a vampire, and that “it works”, what would that mean to you? It’s your journey.? Seize the night.

  • TheThefroz2b says:

    Just tell me 1 think
    Are? you a vampire??
    Does it actually works????

  • immortalanimus says:

    What you believe has nothing to do with reality. Your preconceived notions about what vampires are or are-not are nothing more than belief systems – your personal religion. In a quantum universe? (which is where we all live), we have the ability to create reality. Knowing what those words MEAN is cruial to creating yourself outside the box of what you have been taught-to-believe about yourself & your reality.

  • TheThefroz2b says:

    Guyz it’s not true
    Vampires r stories not in real life ..
    If you guys think that vampire is true then why
    And how? you know that you r a vampire or half vampire
    I dnt even believe in vampires
    If u do .. Then plzz tell me why .. How ??

  • disturbedrules54321 says:

    @s0ngz0n3 omg same here, it is so weird that i feel alone but i guess im? not!

  • immortalanimus says:

    If you are in a hurry, ask yourself why. Getting? on with something isn’t the goal. Experiencing every moment to the fullest… is. Dark blessings… Mikal.

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