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Question by jacopo the wise: What exactly is music? What spiritual or metaphysical properties does it have?
Some define music in terms of concrete physics; others give anthropological explanations; still others say that it is communication with one’s soul, etc…
consider john cage’s 4’33” of silence…over four minutes of silence is considered by some to be music. other experimentalists used traffic noises and other unusual sound instillations as their source for what they consider music. or pierre boulez’s works? why do we consider a bird’s call to be music but a garbage truck to be just noise?

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Answer by Iceman711asg
Music is the correct orderly arrangement of beats and sounds. It is generally done by instruments which are have strings, or drums, or electronically.
It is how you preceive music. Music at its heighest level can be used for healing. This is possible due to possible activation of areas of the brain which relax the body and thus help in its effective functioning.
A psychiatrist also uses music to treat his patients.

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4 Responses to Q&A: What exactly is music? What spiritual or metaphysical properties does it have?

  • summermoments says:

    it’s wonderful how brain is capable of enjoying music,something that some other person(a musician) has not seen but heard. something that someone else’s mind gave birth to and it’s not heard before, yet seems so familiar and lovely enjoyable,
    must be a real existing source to it, that all humanbeings love it and enjoy one or the other type of it. something that mind knows about from the very first moments of being alive.

  • Ishamael says:

    Music is a combination of certain waves of sounds, with different frequencies. Our thoughts are likewise form of energy that allow us to interact with the sounds. Thus, music is capable of influencing particular brain centers. Since our soul is one with the mind, and body, the influence is all encompassing. The only difference is that it is expressed through various manifestations on various levels. But the impact is still everywhere. Our mind simply translates the energy into the terms of the relevant level, be it the level of the body or that of the soul.
    This is at least my view.

  • chel_aishiteru says:

    it plays the melody you body and soul needed…

  • baritenor_ricardo says:

    Depending on your mood.

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