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Verses from the Quran and Duas benefical in protection from and removal of sihr (black magic) and evil jinn. Listen to morning and evening; and also learn the verses to recite yourself Visit my chanel by clicking on my username (Ruqyaah) for more information on combating Jinn and sihr (black magic)

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24 Responses to Protection From Evil Jinn

  • Fareshooo says:

    is this? rukja ?

  • MeDolly786 says:

    I cry and? cry and cry whenever I see it and I see it everyday.

  • piniatamurderur says:

    recently i lost 2000 us dollars, i went to school and when i got home the money wasnt there all the doors windows and papers and cabinets and etc were untouched i concluded that it was either black magic or that i misplaced the money which i highly doubt i really needed that money
    is there anyway to hopefully have the money come back to me in some divine way through prayer and etc cuz? i needed it for school

  • jospehin says:

    @ Bilqiss May allah blessing you and heal? you …/////i have trying to enter to yout page but its showing me this :::This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account.::: I wish I really wish you are fine now …

  • THEXBOXHACKER2010 says:

    @bilqiss allah will inshallah make it easy on all of us even the people that are non believers but ones that repent? and look for change inshallah ameen

  • feferfish says:

    @bilqiss o sorry maygod be with you alot of people die from lung cancer ,,,its sad to see our brother suffer thumbs up to pray for the BROTHER? AMIIN

  • adhurimify says:

    @bilqiss May allah cure? your cancer! Amin

  • cpl2024 says:

    bilqiss …May you? be good health again. Amin.

  • NaturalDeeqa says:

    Bilqiss sista may Allah? the almighty Make u well agian AMIIIN!

  • amal519 says:

    Insha allaah allaah will help you soon be patient,
    trust allaah and the quran left to allaah
    insha allaah you will be ok soon.
    insha allaah i will pray for you? sis.

  • kasim619 says:


  • saripotin says:

    I just saw your post and prayed for you, insallah Allah will heal you and all? the people who are sick and in pain like you! Allahu Ekber!

  • slier81 says:

    Mya u doing well? in ur surgery

  • maxfrendly says:

    May Allah cure you with his mercy and make you healthy and peaceful. Ameen.?

  • preventcreep says:

    I send you some? healing energies. Hows your condition right now?

  • imfinallyfreeamso says:

    my u get betta soon?

  • TheRose71 says:

    I pray for you sister Bilqiss may allah have his mercy on you and? grant you good health.Ameen

  • inttlvertigo says:

    brother could you post a text of it so i could copy? it .

  • temour123 says:

    mashallah? may Allah bless you

  • sirajunnisa1 says:

    i have done? that, Allah Bless

  • Habbibz91 says:

    rasullulahi sallalahi alayhi wa salam said “man mata mariidan fakada matah shaheedan” who ever dies with a sickness/disease/etc, for he has died as a shaheed,
    inshallah allah will cure you, and put you in heaven, inshallah your pain will give you mercy, inshallah, may allah bless your soul inshallah, i feel for you? bilqiss, my uncle has cancer, i see how bad it is.

  • bakhtn says:

    hope you get well. I will? make dua for you.

  • Impervious2Pain says:

    all pain in world is forgiveness
    may? it b eezy

  • realsalaf says:

    Salaam Sister, May Allah help you and easiness for you, please recite Surah Fatiah “ALLHAMDU LILLAH HI RABILL AALAAMEEN…….” as much as possible, may be you will get back in good health, Please don’t miss Slaah (Namaz) and? pray tehjuud, Allah knows best what is good for us.

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