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Question by sky_nightfire: Metaphysical – How can you find out if you are an indigo or crystal child/adult?
I am under the belief that my sister and I are indigo children. i can barely remember seeing auras, and have since blocked that ability, but vaguely remember having it, so i am unable to check that way, but through research i am under the firm belief that i am an indigo… i was diagnosed autistic, but clearly am not, although i am a tad bit shy. when i was younger i wasn’t really talkative, prefered to play by myself, didnt really know how to communicate, i generally just THOUGHT what i wanted to say as if i was saying it. i can see spirits, and ALWAYS when im out walking and i close my eyes i see Pain…(almost as if it’s happening to me. someone punching someone else in the face, an arm breaking, a car crash, drug overdose, etc… but i see it as if it were me. i have always searched out the paranormal and psychic but havn’t had much luck due to where i live(very christian) anyways to re-state what i am asking, How do i know if i am a crystal or indigo child(well now 22 lol)

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Answer by ReggieLynch

That one is for indigo adults, very informative website.
I am going to add as well that I am a 22 year old indigo girl. If you would like to email me at I can answer any questions you may have. (Here people are likely to tell you we are arrogant, self centered spoiled people) Its kind of insulting Haha. Hope this helps.

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